Love Or Hate Your First Car? Share Your Story On Subaru’s

February 29, 2012

If you drive, you always remember your first car. It could have been a multicolored beater that barely made it down the road or a so-so looking sedan that made you feel like a million bucks. Now, with, from Subaru, you can tell your vividly-remembered story of your first set of wheels and share it with friends through social media.

From its canine cast and other fun-loving clever commercials, Subaru always gets its point across. It’s no different here, albeit the commercial tie-in to the all-new 2012 Subaru Impreza appears in the bottom right-hand corner of

But that’s getting ahead of things.  How does the site work? How do you tell your own personal first car story? Read on.



Go to the homepage to get started

Using pioneering text-to-video technology, the website turns the words and phrases you enter into custom animations. The initial step in creating your own first car story is to log onto the homepage. This is where the “car generator” appears, accompanied by the sound of an engine starting up, complete with sputters.

Choose your model of vehicle, or a silhouette that approximates what your first vehicle looked like. The choices include coupe, sedan, station wagon, sports car, convertible, luxury car, off-road SUV, SUV, pickup truck, even a hearse!

Next, select the color of your first car from a choice of eight: red, grey, blue, green, white, yellow, brown and aqua.

Now it’s time to pick the condition of your vehicle. There are four to choose from, ranging from what looks like decent, a little dented, more dented, and falling apart. Those are our descriptors, not Subaru’s.

You can also name your car in the box provided below your configured vehicle. Then click “Bring it to life.”



How to share your first car story

The process for sharing your first car story with others is to log-in via Facebook Connect to tag your friends, see their stories and share your own. Of course, you need to agree to the terms and conditions, which aren’t long but bear reading. Essentially, by agreeing, you give Subaru of America the non-exclusive right to use the content of your story entry with your name for use in any Subaru marketing or advertising.

You can also “Skip and continue.”

This brings you to the page where you can start telling your story. If you’ve skipped logging into Facebook Connect, you can log-in at this point, or provide your name and email address to continue.

If you chicken out at this point, you can still read the other first car stories posted on the site.

What they are is a “mash-up” of consumer entries. The first one featured is “An Epic Road Trip,” which strings together a number of different stories that talk about consumers’ first car experience that involves a road trip.

A Subaru spokesperson told FamilyCarGuide that when they come across themes or common threads of a story, they will string them together to tell a longer story, pieced together by many different people. This is an interesting way to show how people’s stories interact and share common elements.

We find it fun and engaging – and a hoot to read.



Learn about the 2012 Subaru Impreza

Should you be so inclined, you can click on the balloon caption that appears next to the image of the all-new 2012 Subaru Impreza in the lower right-hand corner of the webpage.

Scrolling text in the balloon -- “Experience love that lasts.” “Up to 30 mpg.” “Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.”-- is designed to get you to click for more information.  The Impreza section includes a handful of Subaru television spots as well as photography of the car.

You can even enter to win a 2012 Impreza. The sweepstakes runs through April 30, 2012.

Ready? Begin telling your first car story by clicking here.

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