Polls Headed South, Mitt Romney Hits The Road To Win Michigan

February 14, 2012

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's made no secrets of his ties to the epicenter of the American auto industry, in Michigan. Not only was Romney's father George governor of the state, he was president of American Motors during that company's last real run at success, in the 1960s.

But as he's mounting his 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney is running into plenty of difficulties. A 2008 New York Times editorial that implored the government to "let Detroit go bankrupt" keeps bubbling to the top of the political cauldron, more often these days stirred by Democrats who see a surviving GM and Chrysler as proof that government loans successfully averted an auto disaster.

Romney's also facing considerable flak from his Republican Party's far-right flank in the form of Rick Santorum, who's caught up with Romney in state polling before a Feb. 28th party primary, and by some accounts, in national polling too.

So what's a two-time presidential candidate to do when the swift currents of the Potomac River seem to be running against him? Hit the road--via YouTube. The Romney campaign's just posted this clip that recasts his connection to the auto industry as something more compassionate while sticking to his conservative guns. Romney drives through the typical Michigan landscape of shuttered houses, citing Detroit's difficulties and laying the state's current state right at President Obama's feet.

Will it work? Romney won Michigan in the 2008 primaries, beating the eventual Republican candidate, John McCain. But today his once-comfortable lead seems to be in flux, and his intra-party foes have put Romney in the unique GOP position of being dubbed a moderate despite his pro-life, pro-business, pro-traditional-family stances.

Our advice for Romney still stands. Is an AMX ever a bad idea?

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