Subaru’s New Canine Cast Ready For Prime-Time In ‘Dog Tested. Dog Approved’ Campaign

February 3, 2012

What do you have planned for Super Bowl Sunday? Besides noshing and rooting for your favorite team, that is? While the players take to the field, Subaru owners and their four-legged canines will take to the streets to celebrate the second annual Subaru Game Day Dog Walk.

In fact, the Game Day Dog Walk, which Subaru owners can sign up for by taking the pledge on Subaru’s Facebook page, is the cornerstone of the ‘Dog Tested. Dog Approved’ ad campaign, returning for its third year. Don’t worry. You can still enjoy the game. Just take Fido for a walk sometime during the day Feb. 5.

Last year, some 88,000 dog owners took the Game Day Dog Walk pledge on Facebook and this year, they have two new social apps and four funny Dog Tested videos to help them get their walk on.

There’s an app for that

First up, check out the Dogbook app Subaru has on Facebook and sign up your doggy. It’s clever and should definitely appeal to the dog lovers among us. As our sister publication TheCarConnection observes, “It’s a lot like Facebook, but for pets.”

Then there’s MapMyDOGWALK, a mobile application for iPhone. Subaru partnered with the studio that did MapMyFITNESS to come up with the same thing for dogs. In essence, dog owners can access a geo-mapping app to track and store daily dog walking routes in an online database. Other features include dog event listings, fitness calculators, even a global dog route database.

Dogs and Subaru: what a combo

Subaru says that dogs have always been integral in the brand’s culture, and dogs play a significant role in the lives of Subaru owners. According to the company, Subaru drivers are twice as likely to have a pet as average car owners. Even more interesting is the fact that seven out of ten Subaru drivers have a pet.

They’re also more likely to engage in recreational activities such as camping, boating, skiing and other sporting activities, says Subaru. The owners, that is, not the dogs. Marry the two together, dog owners and owners’ activities, and you get the latest clever crop of canine commercials cast with, of course, a Subaru.

No people here, just dogs. And the dogs don’t need any voiceover to get their point across.

Two of the best of the four new spots featuring the new four-legged stars are “Camping” and “Ski Trip.” Two others also worth a look are “Jackknife” and “The Beach.” Check out the 2012 Commercials by following this link.

The doggie cast includes:

  • Kasey, a seven-year-old Collie mix rescued from an animal shelter in Las Vegas. Kasey is the leader of the pack.
  • Daisy, an eight-year-old 100+ pound Great Dane that sleeps on her back like a human and loves filet mignon.
  • Paris the poodle, who does back flips, speaks on command, waves and otherwise shows off.
  • Penny the bulldog, who loves to skateboard, surf, snow ski and catch a Frisbee.
  • Stella, an eight-year-old Blue Heeler mix found in a Georgia ditch. Stella loves to play at the beach, dig in the sand, and even plays acoustic guitar.

Our take: You don’t have to own a Subaru to love these Subaru ‘Dog Tested. Dog Approved’ commercials. You don’t even have to own a dog, although you’ll probably want to after seeing these clever cavorting canines.

You might even be driven to check out a Subaru.

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