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October 19, 2011

Drunk driver

-      Record of arrests and sentencing. HCDDs have multiple DUI arrests and convictions. One-third of all drivers who are arrested, convicted or adjudicated for DUI are repeat offenders.  HCDDs are more likely to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) that is excessively high at the time of arrest (0.25 or above). The HCDD has, on average, over seven DUI convictions.

-      Highly resistant behavior. As the name implies, a hard core drunk driver frequently drives (at least once a month) with a 0.15 BAC or above. The HCDD is highly resistant to any change in behavior, despite previous sanctions, treatment or education. With a high recidivism rate, plus a personal history of alcohol abuse and dependence, the HCDD is also more likely to have family members who drive drunk and models that kind of behavior. What’s even more troubling is that the HCDD believes he or she can consume large quantities of alcohol and still drive safely.

-      Impact on society. The HCDD will admit to drinking and driving a few times a month, although some drive drunk every day. HCDDs are responsible for two out of every three alcohol-related traffic fatalities. The most frightening statistic of all is that, on average, the HCDD drives drunk 87 times before their first DUI arrest.

The average profile of the HCDD is a male, 35.7 years old, with less than a high school education, employed full time, typically in the building trade industry, and with significant relationship loss (separated, divorced or widowed).

Bottom line: mandating use of alcohol anklets for repeat DUI offenders gives the courts one more tool to help curb the senseless tragedies that all too often occur when HCDDs get behind the wheel after drinking.

For a look at how drinking and driving is a problem mostly for men, citing recent data analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, see Richard Read’s article in our sister publication, TheCarConnection.

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