2012 Fiat 500c Commercial Starring Jennifer Lopez, Explained

September 20, 2011

Last week, we told you about Fiat's new commercial for the 500c, starring singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. But watching that ad is a little confusing, like joining an episode of Cheaters halfway through. Why, for example, are those men beating the crap out of one another? Why are they chasing J-Lo? We're happy to report that we now have an answer to these and other questions.

And that answer, of course, is magic cookies.

But before we delve into the dark art of baking, let's do a little analysis of Fiat's campaign strategy. The spot for the Fiat rolled out last Monday during Monday Night Football. At first glance, the MNF audience may not seem like exactly the right demographic for the A-segment 500, but it was a smart move for Fiat: Monday Night Football reaches a very broad audience, including many city-dwellers in search of city cars, as well as parents of young people hoping for their first set of wheels.

On top of that the ad itself was good -- far more engaging, more energetic, and more effective than previous clips for the 500. That's largely due to Fiat putting Lopez in the driver's seat.

Still, there was something strange about the commercial -- something unexplained. But yesterday, one week after the 500c ad debuted, the video for Lopez's new single, "Papi", came along. And the video reads like a director's cut of the :30 spot, including plenty of backstory.

Granted, even that backstory raises questions. For example, why does the love-potion-wielding concierge fork over such a giant magic cookie if J-Lo only needs to take a bite before men fall in love with her? Is J-Lo really so oblivious to the world around her as to miss cars colliding ten feet away? Why do her pursuers/group dancers suddenly leave when Prince Charming arrives? And are we supposed to infer anything about the fact that her savior appears in military uniform, the day before the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

These and other mysteries are probably best left to experts like, say, Morgan Freeman. At this point, all we know for sure is that by recruiting J-Lo to be the spokesperson for the 2012 500 cabriolet and by placing the 500c front-and-center in the singer's newest video, Fiat has gone a long way toward (a) gaining brand recognition among its target market, and (b) making the 500 look fashionable. (It's also doubled its potential audience, hitting both YouTube junkies and channel-surfers in a one-two punch.) 

Fiat fans can have a gander at Lopez and the 2012 500c doing their thing -- from start to finish -- below or on YouTube.

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