Northeast Drivers Most Crash-Prone: Survey

September 7, 2011
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If you live in the Northeast or visit there with any regularity, we’ve got some bad news for you: eight of the ten U.S. cities with the highest crash averages are in the Northeast. Only San Francisco, CA and Glendale, CA represent for the west coast, and there are no top-ten dangerous cities in the Midwest.

The most dangerous city should come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever driven there: it’s Washington, D.C., where you’re 107 percent more likely to have an accident than the national average. Other cities in the top ten, with their enhanced odds of an accident are:

  • Baltimore, MD (89 percent)
  • Glendale, CA (81 percent)
  • Newark, NJ (71 percent)
  • Providence, RI (67 percent)
  • Philadelphia, PA (60 percent)
  • Hartford, CT (60 percent)
  • Jersey City, NJ (58 percent)
  • San Francisco, CA (57 percent)
  • Alexandria, VA (56 percent)


Surprisingly, New York City came in well outside the top ten, ranking 22nd out of 200 cities. So much for the urban myth that driving in Manhattan is more dangerous than driving in, say, Basra, Iraq. Boston, MA is also absent, but we suspect that has more to do with Allstate not offering auto insurance in Massachusetts than it does with Boston drivers being safe (or even sane, for that matter).

On the other hand, if you really want to minimize your chances of being in an accident, the safest city in the country is Ft. Collins, CO. You can expect to go 14 years without having an accident there, since the city’s accident rate is 29 percent below the national average.


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