2011 VW Touareg: Home Away From Home

July 22, 2011
The run-up in fuel prices the world over threatens to make drivers turn to Chevy Volts and Nissan Leafs (or should it be "Leaves"?) just to be able to make the mortgage payments. However, there are still large, boxy, all-wheel-driven, gasoline- and diesel-fired behemoths that tempt drivers to part with large sums of cash for the privilege of being able climb every mountain or ford any stream.  

The VW Touareg is one of them. The latest version has gone on a diet and lost hundreds of pounds, and has hybrid and diesel versions that won't swill dinosaur juice at the profligate rates that used to make oil company execs smile with evil glee. Somehow VW has managed to improve an already stately interior to be even more alluring, comfier, and fill it with enough gadgets to make a Silicon Valley VP twist his underwear just reading through the specs.

So if you want performance and you don't care about Mother Earth, you get the V-6, or pass yourself off as a pseudo-greenie and get the hybrid. If you're truly savvy, you go for the smooth, somewhat economical diesel engine.

But no one buys SUVs based on reason, they buy them out of emotion and the idea they could traverse the Serengeti, when indeed these owners will only traverse a speed bump in a parking lot. But I have yet to meet an SUV owner who doesn't love their vehicle, and specifically, of the few Touareg owners I have causally asked, they adore their VWs and wouldn't trade them for the world.

Which is why I have chosen this excellent VW commercial from DBB Australia called Sleepwalker. It is the story of a man who sleeps in his VW Touareg, largely because he loves it so much. He can't sleep at night unless he's in his car. Be it with his child, or alone, or even at the airport parking lot where our VW hero finds himself when his wife locks his keys in a safe to prevent him from sleeping out. He feels safe in it, he feels love for it. Although his wife seems annoyed he's sleeping with "another."

The imagery is great, the pacing and music are perfect, and probably most refreshing of all, the Touareg is absolutely not shown fording a stream or climbing a mountain. Enjoy the ad.  


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