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July 16, 2011

(7)  Bring a friend. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of doubling up or tripling errands into a single day, consider inviting a friend to accompany you. This will make shopping more enjoyable and you may have someone to help you find a parking spot and/or carry items back to the car. You might even want to put the local farmer’s market on your weekly agenda, now that you’ve got someone to go with you. Another benefit to going with a friend is that you’ll be combining passengers into one vehicle instead of two. You can alternate who drives to spread the cost of gas evenly.

(8)  Pick up things for parents or neighbors. Who says you can’t help out your parents or a neighbor by picking up things for them that they need? If you’re going to be in the vicinity, and you know they can’t get out or it would be a great effort for them to do so, say you’ll take care of it for them. You can make their lives easier – and feel better about your contribution at the same time.

Mercedes Benz GPS navigation system

Mercedes Benz GPS navigation system

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(9)  Map it out. There’s no question that adding items to your weekly errands and trying to combine them into one or two outings will take some doing. Make it easier on yourself by mapping out exactly where you need to go. Use MapQuest or GPS to figure out the shortest route, the one with the least traffic delays, lights and road repairs. Drive the route sequentially with no backtracking. After a few times, you’ll figure out pretty quickly which route and time works best for your specific errands. Ask others you know about alternate routes to use, in case you need them.

(10)  Give yourself time. If you’ve only got a limited amount of time to get weekly errands done using your car, give yourself time to get used to organizing your schedule to bundle errands. You won’t become a master of it overnight. Also, be wary of trying to jam too many errands together too soon. You’ll only frustrate yourself and defeat the purpose.

Bottom line: making lists, choosing a particular day and time of the week, mapping it out and enlisting help can make organizing weekly errands in your car much more streamlined. Keep in mind the idea is to save on gas, time and money and to add to your peace of mind.

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