DeLorean, Knight Rider, Beer: A Recipe For Awesome

June 14, 2011
Australia is a place far away from where I live, a place where I am told beer and the beech are a religion, high-powered cars are well loved, Mad Max movies are considered high art, and Australian Rules Football is seen as a peaceful, collegial sport. Whether you agree with those assertions or not doesn't change the fact that these people have suffered some kind of brain damage, but with a positive effect. It has led to one of the best beer commercials ever that is tangentially related to the world of the automobile,to which I am a slave. 

Autoblog posted a link to this amazingly weird and brilliant beer commercial from Australian beer producer Hahn, for their Hahn Super Dry beer. It features a Knight Rider sound track, a Monster Truck DeLorean, various animals, martial arts movies and the largest Elvis jacket in the known universe. These are but some of the ingredients that allegedly make great beer, and that make for a commercial that takes the art of the beer commercial to strange, new heights. Or depths. You choose. It's from Australia, where the water spins backwards down the toilet, so who am I to judge.  

But I can say that the Knight Rider sound track (on cassette no less!) is simply inspired creativity. How they came up with the DeLorean monster truck, well, I'll just guess the director was a fan of the Mad Max movies. And probably has them committed to memory. (Remember Lord Humungus and Wez, anyone?) And if you're wondering where the "beer panther" came from, I'll attribute that to some major drug ingestion or a recessive gene that fired up in the director's brain. 

I strongly urge you to watch this ad. Again and again. There are so many visual bits of gold in here you can barely count them all. If you feel that this beer commercial may be the best one ever, leave your comment below. And if you can suggest a better beer commercial that has cars (but NO drinking and driving, please), please let me know. I'll be happy to post a list of the best beer/car commercials.  

Enjoy the ad. I certainly did.


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