Cars 2: There Will Be More Cars

June 14, 2011

The car, as we all know, is the greatest invention ever. It has been praised in print, music, on the web and particularly in film. There have been so many movies about cars that it’s hard to pick one that has had the most influence on viewers, but you can gauge which movie about cars has a) done the best box office and b) which one has sold the most merchandise and other associated plastic, DVDs and the like. The answer? Cars.

Wired has a great article on why Cars has been so financially successful for Disney/Pixar and it wasn’t just box office sales, that by the standards of Toy Story, were pretty low. But by the standards of swag, merchandise, and ancillary DVD sales, Cars has been a veritable gold mine to the tunes of billions since 2006. And for a good reason - all the stuff they sell they aimed at boys between 2 and 8 years of age, according to Wired.

I would further surmise that many adults (read: dads) maintained with a straight face that they were buying all this Cars merchandise for their sons when in reality, they too were sucked in to the Radiator Springs world of the automobile. Let’s face it, real car guys loved the first movie as it transported them to a world where everything is automotive. And the CGI was pretty darn slick too.

Now comes Cars 2, an international adventure with a whole lot of new and (if you’ll permit me) used cars, tearing it up all over the globe. The race is the World Grand Prix and our lead character Lightning McQueen and his buddy Mater are in it to win. Although the thought of a NASCAR V-8 competing with a high-end sports car made me snicker a bit. Puh-lease. But I am not here to review the first film or make any prognostications on the upcoming one. I am sure the sequel will actually be as good as the first, a rare feat in the world of Hollywood.

And I wonder, what will happen when Cars 3 comes out? Because you know there will be a sequel to the sequel. Where do you go from here? Maybe it‘s time to take the Cars franchise in a new, slightly darker and more menacing direction. Maybe cross the CGI sweetness with a dark storyline full of angst, emotion and anger. How about doing a mash-up with There Will Be Blood? No wait. My buddy EB at The Car Connection said that’s been done already.

Check it out and laugh. And you can check out the official HD Cars 2 trailer too while at work


Cars 2 Official Trailer

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