Mississippi’s Barbour Accuses Obama Of Inflating Gas Prices

June 6, 2011
T. Boone Pickens with President Barack Obama

T. Boone Pickens with President Barack Obama

Back in January 2009, when President Obama was sworn in, the price of gas wasn't much over $2 a gallon. Now, the national average is around the $4 mark (though settling gradually downward).

But are gas prices higher because of the Obama administration?

That's what Republican Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour alleged in an appearance on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday.

Actual gasoline market experts, in a number of reports, have blamed the latest spike in crude-oil prices not on domestic energy policy but on a combination of market speculation that's come with the improving economy, political upheaval in the Mideast, and continued increased demand from overseas markets like India and China. However, locally in the U.S. market, analysts have for months identified the U.S. market as being in a state of oversupply, with the supply of finished gasoline outpacing demand according to the DOE's Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Face the Nation host Bob Scheiffer asked Barbour if he thought had accused the President of trying to drive up the cost of energy—so that Americans would use less of it.

"This administration's policy has clearly been to drive up the cost of so that Americans would use less of it," the GOP governor responded. "That's environmental policy, that's not energy policy."

Barbour, once a potential 2012 Presidential candidate, has bowed out. But as we warm up to the 2012 Presidential campaign season, expect a new round of finger-pointing to begin.


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