BMW Zooms To The Front Of The Pack On Facebook

June 3, 2011
L2's Facebook IQ survey for 2011

L2's Facebook IQ survey for 2011

If you're on Facebook, you understand its allure, its dazzling ability to connect you with friends, fremenies, people you'd thought you'd forgotten, and others you wished you had. If you're not on Facebook...well, you will be.

Facebook -- or at least the social, interconnected, sharable info model that it has created -- is the future of the internet. Companies that do well on Facebook are destined for great things, and one that's doing very well, indeed, is BMW.

The German automaker ranks at the top of research firm L2's annual survey of luxury brands' Facebook pages. That would be great news for any automaker, but it's doubly impressive because in its survey, L2 considers luxury brands of all sorts: cars, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, the works.

In evaluating those brands, L2 looks at a number of criteria:

  • Size, growth rate, and activity of a brand's Facebook page (35%)
  • The range of content available on a Facebook page, the responsiveness of admins to comments, and e-commerce integration (25%)
  • Number of fan posts and fan "likes" on posts from the brand itself (25%)
  • Integration of a brand's Facebook page into its online presence (15%

After crunching all those numbers, L2 assigns scores -- or "IQs" -- to the various brands. Anything above a score of 140 is considered "genius", and this year, BMW ended at the top of the heap, with a whopping score of 175. Other automakers in the "genius" rung are Audi (156), Lexus (154), Ferrari (141), and Infiniti (140).

As with most such analyses, this doesn't mean much for you, the consumer. But for brands themselves, this is a good way to evaluate how well they're doing on the marketing front. If you'd like a glance at the findings yourself, you can download the full report from L2's website.


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