The Most Embarrassing Cars Of All Time: The European Edition

May 19, 2011

Big mistakes, we make them all. Lame ideas, we have all had them and acted on them. Like the woman at my gym who looks like she spent the better part of her youth on a sun-tanning bed, while smoking two packs a day. Think spent and leathery and you’ll be close.

Humans also make some really bad things, like cars that should have never made it past the drunken scribble on a napkin stage, yet somehow these vile vehicles did. But why?

There have been cars across the North American and European continents that were so poorly conceived, you know that someone in upper management lost a bet on poker night and these were the results.

It reminds of the amazing Simpsons episode when Homer’s half-brother Herb asks him to design a car for the American public. If you are a rabid Simpsons fan, you know whereof we speak.

The following list of 10 cars you’ll see below was compiled by Autobild, naming their most embarrassing cars of all time, and it's pretty funny. Even if you don’t speak German, you can check out the article and click through the images. Wear protective eye wear, I beg of you.

And as an added bonus, we put in a link to the equally bad Italian commercial for the Fiat Multipla, the winner among losers in the list, with none other than Michael Schumacher. It was dubbed into French and English, but we couldn't find the horrendous English one. Feel free to watch it and laugh derisively anyway.

  1. Fiat Multipla: A hideous piece of Italian waste masquerading as a minivan.
  2. Audi Q7 V12 TDI: A 500-hp diesel beast for 100,000 Euro that really makes Donald Trump-like excess look almost reasonable.
  3. SsangYong Rodius: It makes an Aztek look almost attractive.
  4. VW 411: The name could be a good synonym for failure.
  5. Maybach 62 S: Who would have thought an overwrought S-Class that looked like a bar of soap for a half million dollars would be an embarrassing failure?
  6. Ford Edsel: Okay, it’s a given.
  7. Yugo 65 Cabrio: And you thought the Yugo was bad? Rolling crud without a roof.
  8. AMC Gremlin: Ugly and crappy vehicles work on both sides of the pond, no one escapes this.
  9. Alfa Arna: One word: woof! Thank your lucky stars this Alfa never made it to North America.
  10. Cadillac Cimarron: Why did GM go bankrupt again? Oh yeah, it was because of crap like this.



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