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May 19, 2011

Traffic Jam

6.    Musical horns – Let’s face it, car horns are meant for serious business. They’re not supposed to be musical instruments or to provide the driver with an orchestral sound on the road. In an effort to be different, some drivers install horns that have out-of-the-ordinary sounds. There’s a reason why horns on vehicles are pretty much all the same. That’s for safety. Maybe there should be a law against horns of a different nature… Just saying.

7.    You honk me, I honk you back – Tit-for-tat horn-honking is another driver behavior that’s almost guaranteed to get one or both perpetrators in trouble. While you could link this to tag-honking, what we’re referring to here is when one driver who’s impatient or aggressive honks at the driver in front of him for some reason or other, pulls around him and speeds on by, still honking, and the driver who is the recipient of such honking repays in kind. This may set up a nasty situation where the drivers chase each other, honking ad infinitum – or worse. Not a good thing.

8.    Horns that hardly squeak – What good is a car horn that doesn’t make it above a squeak? Little tinny, hardly-worth-the-effort car horns should, frankly, be outlawed. To be of any value safety-wise, a car horn has to be able to be heard. It shouldn’t be so loud that it knocks you out of your seat, but it does have to be within acceptable levels. The key here is acceptable, as in manufacturer’s standards. If a car horn is defective, get it repaired. Who’s going to take you serious when you need to use that horn if all it does is peep like a newborn chick?

9.    Late-at-night car-horn good-byes – Typically the realm of dating couples or high school kids, the practice of honking the car horn when taking your leave is not a very good practice to engage in. For one thing, it alerts the neighbors about your business. For another, it lets people in your own house (parents, nosy others) know you’re home. But most of all, it’s disturbing to everyone in the neighborhood that’s within earshot of the car horn. And we all know how far sound travels when it’s quiet and people are unwinding or sleeping.

10. Hurry-up-and-get-in-the-car horn-honking – Somewhat related to the late-at-night car-horn good-byes is the hurry-up-and-get-in-the-car horn-honking behavior. Guess we’ve all either done this ourselves or been the intended target of such horn-honking. What other way can we get our dawdling kids into the car when we’re already late for work or anxious to get on the road? How about getting out of the car and taking said child by the hand and leading him or her to the vehicle? Nah, probably won’t happen. If it does, it’s a sure thing the kid’s in big trouble.

What did we miss? Do you have an example of other bad driver car-honking sins that should be included? Let us know in the comments section below.

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