Just Another Day At The Garage

June 5, 2011

There's always tension at an auto repair shop, but not much excitement. The closest anyone gets to an adrenalin rush is when something remarkable is noticed when a car makes it to the lift.  Oddities like a squirrel setting up housekeeping in the air filter housing, or discovering that the little bird sound the customer was describing was being made by a little bird, are examples that might quicken the heart rates just a little.

Then there are the days when the vehicles driving through the doors are enough to send even the most jaded car person for a mood stabilizer. It happened at a repair shop in Marco Island, Florida, recently when the owner of a Renault Beach Wagon (50 units produced) drove over to inspect a Fiat Jolly to see what the fuss was about.

When a Citroen 2CV rolled in for a brake job it drew the attention of Marco Island Florida, which mentioned its small engine (2 Horsepower French Fiscal Rating) and a remarkable estimated mpg of 65, but oh-so-slow top speed of 40 mph.

Then there are the days at the garage like the one a Bronx, New York, repair shop had, and was recorded in the New York Times. It seems a peahen escaped from the Bronx Zoo and found its way to the shop. A peahen is the girl version of a peacock, a name that is reserved for the boys.

I wonder if the zoo director who retrieved the animal corrected the garage staff for mistakenly calling the bird a peacock. Like when your use of the word coolant is corrected with the term refrigerant when you are just trying to relate that your air conditioner isn’t working.

The staff of the shop should be congratulated for saving the bird’s life since it was recovered while attempting to cross the road.  The peahen became the subject of many cell phone photos during its half-hour stay which was facilitated by a rope tied around the bird’s foot.

The zoo director, thinking that it might be a prank, rode over to the garage to investigate. Unprepared for an official peahen transport, he scooped the bird up and drove back to the zoo with the bird on his lap.

Back at the zoo the peahen was checked out in depth and found to be “no worse for the wear.”

As for the shop, it was back to the humdrum world of Fords and Chevys, after spending a day in the limelight with a peahen.

[Marco Island Florida & New York Times]
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