Audi A7: Bitten, Smitten and One Sexy Kitten

May 12, 2011

How do you define cool? Everyone has their own definition and interpretation, but I would generally say that when it comes all things automotive, there has to be a visual presence, a character, a spirit, if you will that is made of metal, rubber, and plastics assembled into a shape that draws the eye and stirs the soul.

Currently, one automaker - Audi - has a surfeit of cool, so much so, they could scrape off the excess and give it to Lexus as charity (who could use it). They are like the Apple of the car world. Specifically one car in their lineup really takes the cool factor to another level: The A7.

I know you are thinking, “uh, genius, how about the R8? Or the A5/S5? You couldn’t choose a TT-RS??” Have I lost my mind, has the lack of sleep permanently damaged my retinas and scarred my visual cortex? Nope. Driving home this evening, I saw my first A7 on the road and nearly had an accident, I stared at it so long. I followed the car and changed lanes 4 times just to get a better view. There isn’t a bad angle on the car, it oozes style, sophistication, it’s a rolling piece of architecture for the lucky few thousand who can afford it. They say you should focus when driving, don’t let the radio or the kids or the navi distract you from the task at hand of guiding your mind-numbing automotive shuttle down the road. But putting the A7 on the road is unfair!

Furthermore, Audi did a great job of advertising this car in various markets with a great local and global series of messages. The A7 is special, it’s new, it’s soulful in a way most Audis haven’t been (R8 and S5 notwithstanding). Having read numerous accounts and accolades of the A7’s qualities (exterior, interior, technology-wise, and skills on the road), I was positively predisposed to liking this car. And now, having repeatedly watched the ads they put together for Germany, America and the UK shows me that Audi knows how to insinuate the cool factor message better than almost anyone (save maybe BMW or Porsche).

Watch the ads below to see what I mean. The one for Audi USA is my favorite, called Spring Cleaning. Just a great ad. Simple, makes you the viewer curious, and perfectly filmed. The German ad is way more artistic, kind of like a German, industrial techno mash-up with hallucinogen-inspired art. It works really well when you have watched it a couple of times. Superb attention to detail (how German) in the imagery and pacing of the music. Lastly, the UK ad called Paper Liberation is a good translation of a separate German Audi ad, and really uses poetic language about clean-sheet thinking tied to on-screen imagery to make an impression on the viewer. 

Now that I have actually seen this visual delight on the road, I have been bitten and smitten by this sexy kitten. And the ads used to reinforce the cool factor, aren't half bad either. Tell me if you enjoyed these ads as much as I did.

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