Chrysler 300 and Mom: They Both Got Heart

May 8, 2011
It’s Mother’s Day as I write this and of course today was a day of flowers and gifts and treating mom right, and generally trying not to step on her toes literally and figuratively. And it was all going so swimmingly well, as I crept out of bed to let her sleep in and headed downstairs with kids, who had made her gifts.

Foolishly, I decided to turn on the TV while I was making coffee and lo and behold, the Formula 1 race from Turkey was on so all else became irrelevant for the next 90 minutes. But as you can guess, the peace and happiness didn't last long. Mom came down, dad was in front of the boob tube watching the race with the intensity of a frat boy ogling an X-rated movie. You can tell this was not going to end well.

However, my wonderful mate for life allowed me to sit half in the kitchen, half in the dining room alternately looking at my wife and the big screen TV. So I tip my hat to her for letting me enjoy the race on HER day, and of course I cooked her a lovely dinner and let her have her day. Oh, and I surfed for car ads and car news while she went for a walk. Hey, I am only human.

And among those ads was a really nice one from Chrysler, continuing the Imported From Detroit campaign, which I really like. Like the previous ads, it’s a great blend of attitude, clear and unambiguous imagery, and a message of genuineness. This is all achieved with shots of suburban Detroit, at least that which is still standing, the roots from where the commercial’s main character, Detroit Lions star Ndamukong Suh, who I guess weighs as much as a small planet and has about the same physical density to boot.

2011 Chrysler 300 preview

2011 Chrysler 300 preview

Enlarge Photo

That same gravelly voice that has underpinned the entire ad campaign is back, matching perfectly with the pace of the filming, the skies not sunny, but rainy, the roads being driven are a metaphor for the journey to success being a hard fought thing. It’s a well-turned out ad with superb visuals that mix sound, image and emotion in equal and effective parts.

Of course there is the Chrysler 300, Chrysler’s raison d’etre, that occupies a good portion of the commercial. This is one great looking car, and they show it off really well in the ad. From all possible angles, with the requisite bling, but not too much so, and the interior looks great too. It’s a lovely car to look at and frankly I think it is Chrysler’s best product, be it this version or the previous version. Especially the bonkers SRT8. Let those Europeans have their efficient diesels and twin-charger engines. Let the Japanese and Koreans have their direct-injected turbo fours. Chrysler still has the mighty V8 and a wonderful looking car and ad to showcase it.

However, the whole ad is a homage to Mom, in a sweet and genuine way. Not sappy, just nice. Maybe I could learn something from this ad too. It’s a great Mother’s Day ad. Enjoy it.

Thanks to Vik at Motor Authority for this one.

Imported From Detroit: Homecoming

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