2009: The Year of My First Auto Show

April 8, 2011

The car that stole my heart












As a young child, I never had the opportunity to experience an auto show. Neither of my parents were interested in cars, and my brother was too far away to take me. For years, I waited until the day finally came in April of 2009: my first auto show.

Sure, I was older than most when they go to their first auto show, but that observation has dawned on me only after I have started to care for cars and the passion behind them. When I traveled to New York City in 2009, I was enveloped with the joy of seeing the shiny and new cars the industry has, and will have, to offer. 

Taking the train in, my parents and I walked to the Javits Center from Penn Station. Every block, my heart started to pound faster as I could sense the aluminum and rubber from behind those walls. 

Seeing the inside of the building lined with automotive companies' booths and displays, I had no clue where I should begin. Should I go down the list of automakers alphabetically? Should I find the most expensive cars first? The fastest cars? The options seemed endless. 

I decided on going from left to right across the room to each display, whether I was interested in the car or not. I did this partly because I wanted to--and partly because my father had told me, "we paid money to get here--you will enjoy every car in here."

At first glance, there was not a car that blew me away. However, I was determined to find a "favorite car" of the day.

And there it was. The 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 had caught my eye, and my heart. I was ga-ga over this car. From its 3.8-liter straight six and 435 horsepower, to its illustrious and menacing rear spoiler, I knew that this car was special.

One of the Porsche representatives came over to me as I was admiring the car and taking picture of it. (At this time, I knew nothing of cars or any lingo.) He asked what I thought of the car and its attributes. Not knowing what to say, I stated, "I think it is an awesome car, I would love to drive it one day."

That was enough for him.

"Come back with one hour remaining and I have something to show you."

So, as he said, I came back to the Porsche booth with one hour remaining before closing. The next hour with this car was the best hour I have spent with ANY car. 

The GT3 was cordoned off from onlookers to be able to touch and climb inside. He took down the rope and told me I could sit in the driver's seat. I thought I was dreaming. Not only was this car revealed just a short time ago at the 2009 Geneva show, it was the first day New York had been able to see it. 

As I sat in the car, he told me the history of the 911 GT3 and some of the features it offers. I am sure what he said was interesting, but I do not remember a single word of it. I was too busy imagining myself driving this car at my favorite track, Laguna Seca. He also offered to take pictures of me sitting in the car, which I gladly accepted. 

I had not been interested in the GT3 before this show, nor had I been interested about cars. After this day, I began my study, my obsession with these machines. Over the short 2 years, my obsession has manifested into what I call "the love of the internal combustion vehicle." This one hour with the GT3 has sparked my interest with cars and the love for them.

I have taught myself a lot about cars ever since, even starting my own podcast on iTunes and a blog where I write about them. Now I help friends and family with their car problems. Now I can fix a car rather than paying someone to do it for me. All because of this one hour with my true love, the Porsche 911 GT3. 


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