Video: Secret To Eternal Happiness - Porsche Elixir

March 30, 2011
 Eternal happiness. What is it? How do you find it? Would you kill your neighbor for it? Well, you’d probably kill your neighbor for other reasons, such as that rodent of a cat that tears up your garden at night and then it howls and wails when its in heat.

Speaking of howling and wailing, it turns out the secret to eternal happiness is a simple family car that can be used year-round, to carry kids, groceries, go skiing, even a short jaunt to the local Home Depot. And this happiness machine happens to be German and it’s not a VW. They tend to generate angry letters to the local VW service department. No, it’s not Mercedes or Audi, or even BMW. It’s Porsche. Specifically the rear- and mid-engined mayhem monsters known as the 911 and Cayman, hailing from the Swabian hills around Stuttgart with that distinctive and eerily evil boxer engine.

And guess what? Their latest ad campaign, both on TV and on the web are there to convince you that taking a daily dose of six direct-injected, horizontally-opposed, internal-combustion-firing cylinders will make you the happiest person on the planet. If you want to know the details, you can go to and check out real owner stories and why they are so passionate about driving their cars all the time.

Or you can just as easily take a sneak peek at the latest TV ads I have posted here from Porsche’s own YouTube channel. And they are really good. And not for reasons that you’d think. No opposite-lock antics, no Autobahn scenes, no mechanics named Eberhardt tuning the engine with some expensive, German-made wrench and charging 200$ for an oil change. Nope, none of that. Just plenty of domestic scenes. And I mean domestic - like picking up the kids from school, taking junior our for a ride in the snow, going shopping at the gardening center. All in their reliable Porsches.

What I like so much about the ad in addition to the soundtrack is the use of color. The 911 picking up the kids is in school bus yellow. And it pops! The mom taking junior out in the snow, she drives a bright red 911 C4S, which stands out against the snow like a poke in the eye. Even the stereotypical, high-powered executive white male type, who drives an alpine white 911 GTS, comes off as a guy with gasoline in his veins. And you have to like the pure white for the purist 911. The gray Cayman, depicted as the pickup truck seems slightly out of sorts here, but it doesn't ruin the commercial at all. Calling it a pickup is quite funny.

What did leap to my attention was who wasn't in the commercial. Not a single non-Caucasian if you don’t count the token black kid who gets a ride with white suburban mom. All white males and females, perfect teeth, every car spotless. Perhaps a bit too antiseptic, seeing as these are supposed to be daily drivers, and I would expect a bit of dirt on them. Or at least one of the parents screaming at his child to get his grimy feet off the back of the white stag leather seats.

That little socio-cultural observation aside, this is another solid piece of advertising from Porsche, the stylish yet always parsimonious Swabians who make some of the best inspiring and happiness-spawning, mood-altering devices that don’t need a prescription.

Enjoy the ads.


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