Video: 2011 Ford Explorer Has 'Hart' and Soul

February 23, 2011

As I was leafing through a recent copy of Motor Trend recently and reading up on the Chevy Camaro Convertible--a very nice-looking four-wheeled steed with terrible overtones of guys with greased-back hair, or worse, receding hair, or even worse, a comb-over or hairpiece--I hit page 4 of the article, and there it was, staring me in the face.

An ad for Viagra.

How perfect, I thought. These marketing types really know their reader, seeing as it's mostly males who find this car lust-worthy, especially with an antediluvian pushrod V-8 to replace the flaccid member in the driver's seat. (Let's be clear, I am not the target market - I proudly drive a minivan and my drug plan doesn't cover Viagra, so I can only dream.) The car and ad placement were really funny and I couldn't get that article and its skillfully-placed advertisement out of my head.

So what does that have to do with the 2011 For Explorer ad you can see below? Not much except that Ford seems to know its target market as well as Viagra and Chevy do. And in addition, Ford uses intentional humor to make you remember a funny ad for this renovated crossover. It features well-known comedian/spokesman Kevin Hart who many have seen at the Montreal comedy festival. He's really great at pitching this car for no other reason than he's loaded with energy and you actually almost believe him as he pitches you the lines the Ford ad agency wrote.

The story itself is a cute one with Kevin crashing the wedding in his white Ford Explorer and explaining how he used the vehicle's technology to ford a river or climb a mountain to get there. As he starts his routine, and inevitably upsets the tight-assed parents gritting their teeth in horror, while he produces a gesture akin to mounting the car for procreative purposes. But Kevin's enthusiasm is infectious, and he pitches the car and its features in a way that makes you, the upper-middle class with a decent income and a crossover instead of a minivan, heaven forbid, think you're ready for anything in this car.

I think this ad campaign will do well because Kevin Hart is likable, the Ford Explorer is desirable and it's the kind of ad you can watch over and over again just to see all the craziness Kevin Hart can cram into a 60-second ad.


Ford Explorer and Kevin Hart Ad

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