Sweet Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Car-Lover Lover

February 9, 2011

In a quandary over what to get your spouse (or significant other) this Valentine’s Day? With just a few days to go, there’s no time to lose. Here at Family Car Guide, we always look forward to any opportunity to share a little joy with members of the family – whatever the occasion. So we’ve come up with a few gift suggestions you might want to consider for your car-loving Valentine’s Day sweetie. Since gals can love cars just as much as guys, keep that in mind when looking over these sweet Valentine’s Day choices.

Car detail – prepaid

If your special someone loves cars, no doubt he or she likes to keep it spic and span. You could opt for a year’s worth of car washes, but that’s so common – and you may have already used this gift idea at Christmas. How about picking up the tab for a full-on car detail? That’s sure to make your sweetie smile. Who doesn’t love a great car detail, anyway?

Dent and scratch removal

Those impossible to avoid and all-too frequently occurring dents and scratches make for an unsightly car appearance. Oh, they may be small and seemingly insignificant, but, trust us, your car lover knows where each and every one is – and hates that they’re there. Getting them removed may be on a to-do list (or not), but you can surprise your sweetie by paying to have it done at the dent and scratch removal shop that does the best job. What a thoughtful gift.

Window chip repair

Stone and debris chips in car windshields are nasty items. You see them every time you get in the car. While not bad enough to require a windshield replacement, they’re an annoyance – and they could get worse. Bring your special someone’s car windshield back to looking great with a window chip repair service.

Sheepskin or custom seat covers

Not for everyone, but for the person who likes this type of seat covering, sheepskin or custom seat covers may be a good choice. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying new leather seats (or a new car already equipped with them).

Annual maintenance

Unless your sweetie’s car comes with an all-inclusive annual maintenance plan, this is an expense that, while necessary, is just an extra cost. Oil change, tuneup, filter change out, etc., if you give this gift to your sweetheart, you’re sure to get a smile in return.

Portable hand-vac

Valentine’s Day gifts for your car lover lover don’t have to be all that expensive. How about a small portable hand-vac to help keep the interior free of lint, crumbs, dirt and the like? Buy one at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Wal-Mart or any number of retail outlets. Wrap it and put a big red bow on it and set it on the passenger seat. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Prepaid gas card

If your special someone puts a lot of miles on the car, or money is tight, or he or she just hates to pay the gasoline charges each month, a thoughtful and welcome gift may be a prepaid gas card. What brand of gasoline does your spouse usually purchase? You can get a prepaid gasoline card from that company, whether it’s Shell, Exxon, BP, etc., in amounts of $25, $50, or $100, for example. Or go for an American Express Fill it Up card in similar amounts.

Ford Sync with Sirius Travel

Ford Sync with Sirius Travel

Enlarge Photo

Upgrade to Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Who doesn’t like tunes on-demand, virtually commercial-free in-car entertainment, and nearly universal coverage with no station fade-outs? XM and Sirius Satellite Radio are terrific gift ideas anytime, but even more so for Valentine’s Day. You can buy the radio plus package at SiriusXM or call 1-866-SHOP-XM1, or go online to upgrade a package.

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