Ha! Dodge Laughs In The Face Of The Snowpocalypse

February 8, 2011
Screencap from Dodge 'Snowpocalypse' commercial

Screencap from Dodge 'Snowpocalypse' commercial

If you've been in Tahiti the past few months, consider yourself lucky, because those of us in North America have been subjected to a nonstop barrage of winter storms, snowpocalypses, snowtastrophes, and snowmageddons. No one has been spared -- not even Katie Couric.

Almost worse than the snow and ice has been the fact that each meteorological misfortune has been accompanied by widespread panic (sadly, the psychological condition, not the band): panic at the grocery store, the pharmacy, the gas station, the day care center. Whipped into a frenzy by chionophobiacs and Weather Channel anchors in need of some excitement, our normally calm, rational neighbors have been transformed into terrified, soup-hoarding survivalists.

Of course, we understand that winter weather -- especially severe winter weather -- is dangerous, and we encourage people to act responsibly when it strikes. But are we the only ones who've thought the public's reactions have been a little extreme?

Apparently not, because one company has finally chosen to poke fun at the weather and those afraid of it: Dodge. How can Dodge owners laugh in the face of Mother Nature's destructive ways? Because Dodge offers all-wheel drive -- not to mention the added comfort of Michael C. Hall's baritone voiceover. Behold:

Funny? Maybe not so much for Chicagoans who could've used a hand from drivers like these after being trapped in their cars for 12 hours. But it's certainly a timely ad, and it's probably better than 80% of the dreck we saw during the commercial throwdown on Sunday night.

It's also pretty remarkable that Dodge has been on such a roll with its recent advertising -- heck, even Chrysler figured out how to do Super Bowl commercials right. That's a far cry from pulling Mikhail Gorbachev out of a Chrysler 300 just over a year ago. Keep up the good work, you guys. 


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