Aston Martin Rapide: Very Late To the Movies

January 28, 2011
You say the name "Aston Martin" in a room full of gear heads, you usually hear responses like DB5, DB4, DB6, etc. You would also probably hear things like V-8 or V-12. or leather covered interior. Let’s not forget that other key association - the one we all think of - James Bond. Either Sean Connery or Daniel Craig, being the best of the bunch in my opinion. But Aston Martin makes you think of a cool swagger, international incidents, mad wealth and a certain mystique.

Well, let’s face it - Aston Martin, especially since Henrik Fisker got his hands on the design reins a number of years ago, has made us car fans swoon at the beauty of sheetmetal formed with passion, love and daring. They have made interiors that could be hanging in the Louvre. And the sounds emanating from those engines are distinct and full of British anger that only engineers in Gaydon and formerly Newport Pagnell can make. In some ways, they were as cool and sought after in terms of image and exclusivity as Ferrari was, and just as hard to find.

So what does the marketing department at Aston Martin decide to do? Make a web film series pushing the cool British factor. Right over the cliff in to the murky and salty waters of brand dilution. Or worse, brand mockery. You see, in making this web film series to demonstrate the sheer coolness and beauty of the Rapide, they have forced something that wasn't there. It’s contrived for a car that oozes style and cool on its own. They didn’t need to glamorize this vehicle anymore than it already is. They have James Bond to do their marketing for them and he and the cars are in LOTS of films, so why go ahead an ruin it with something artificial?

What irked me more than the corny nature of the movies with wildly stilted acting, stereotypical plot lines and some Eurotrash three-day beards propped up with British accents was that the story - the key element any movie rests on - was really weak. It’s a pale shadow of the BMW films from a decade ago. Now those were real films! Fine editing, great acting and above all story lines that kept you hooked. This Rapide affair is nothing less than a half-hearted attempt at movie making. Which is a shame when you consider what a lovely car the Rapide is to look at.

I urge you to watch the movie, and then watch the BMW films and see what a chasm there is between the two of them. I think you will agree that Aston Martin is very late to the movies.

BMW Film - The Hire

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