The Funniest - and Filthiest - Banned Car Commercial Ever

January 16, 2011

There is something to be said for foul language and nasty insults. Sure, such low-brow language is not safe for work (NSFW), or job interviews, or any kind of religious or government institution where someone armed is present. But in a car dealership, man, wouldn't it feel good to let loose with a torrent of profanity and blush-inducing imagery, all neatly and creatively strung together in such an artful and skillful fashion as to make one think of a Shakespearean sonnet inspired by a day battling the local bureaucrat and an afternoon at the brothel.

Aren't there things you have always wanted to say to a car salesman, insults and choice words that would make him (or her) recoil in their seat with horror? Don't you hate being being talked down to by Lance, the sales guy, as he says "well, I'll go have to ask my manager first before I give you that scandalously low price." You want to shove needles into Lance's eyes. Or, since that might land you in jail and subsequent therapy, you'd rather verbally question his mother's ancestry and shower him with a tirade of swear words and verbal degradation because you know he's taking you for a ride somehow.

So what does any of this have to do with this blog post? Well I read about this commercial for a Duster, and it's not the Plymouth Duster you are thinking of. That one I am sure elicited its fair share of profanity, even with the hotrod 318 engine, which could lay a patch! No, I am referring to a Dacia Duster, one not available (thankfully) on this side of the pond, built in Romania in a joint venture with Renault. It's a RAV4-sized soft-roader meant for urban dwellers who may occasionally encounter snow and slush. And who do not want to spend a lot of money. You don't buy a Dacia because you're well-off or because you want one. You buy this vehicle because you can't afford a top brand, or possibly you really don't care about cars or what brand you drive. It's not a bad vehicle, but the brand and its cars are aimed at the very price-conscious. Even in eastern Europe.

As for the ad, it is banned by the manufacturer for a really good reason - it's full of filthy language and brilliantly creative insults as only the repressed British can muster. Monty Python would be proud. John Cleese would give them a standing ovation. And that doesn't even include when the wife spits on the floor of the salesman's office to show her utter contempt and disrespect. What automaker would want their sales force depicted as slime-covered, toilet-mouthed money hogs? While some salesmen may actually be that way (trust me it's true - I once applied for a job as a car salesman and was repulsed by stream of racist jokes told to me by the dealership owner), you don't want the customers entering the show room to THINK that is the case. Dispelling a negative image is way harder than building a new one.

But it's really the litany of filth tossed back and forth between the males that makes this commercial stand out. Such antagonism, such a testosterone-rich rivalry, and the character who plays the salesman is positively repugnant and filled with bravado at the same time.

Watch this banned ad if you can stomach the language. And I promise you will laugh.


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