Noxious Emissions Greatly Reduced: The Hyundai Way

January 12, 2011
In all the hot air and noxious emissions that were spewed at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show this week, many a claim was made about zero emissions, reduced carbon footprints and just plain eco-friendliness--with a side order or Mother Earth hugs. Sure, there was performance galore from all the vendors present, but being green, fashionably speaking, is the new black. Everyone has to have it, be it, flaunt it.

And frankly, I am quite sick of it due to the saturation effect and the fact that most buyers want reliable nice cars, as opposed to fuel-sipping granny-mobiles. But it must be said that some auto manufacturers do the "green" thing better than most. And some advertise better than most. Granted, when Porsche talks about being greener with its new 911, one has to withhold one's snickering at the Swabian claim, as it is still a sports car.

However, one manufacturer stands out in my mind as having drilled the green car message pretty convincingly--Hyundai. And it's not just in its new models like the Veloster (odd name, I know) with its direct injection engine, or the Elantra's six-speed fuel-saving transmissions. And it even goes beyond the automaker's very impressive Sonata Hybrid.

Actually, it's the Live Smart ad campaign (and accompanying website), the one that promises that even the ads are made with little or no carbon print, which I find simultaneously preachy and impressively consistent in its messaging. With the mellow voice of The Dude, Jeff Bridges, egging you on to make a smart, automotive choice to put your mind at rest while at the wheel of the car, you quietly watch as the world moves by the Sonata Hybrid, doing its low-pollution emitting thing.

And then you see, the world through which the car moves--it's a human powered backdrop and road. It's all human driven and not-emission-emitting. And it really makes the point abut making an effort at all and any level to be green and clean.

Watch the commercial below and also the making thereof. It's well done and worth a look.


Sonata Hybrid Commercial

Making of Live Smart ad campaign


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