Facebook (And Stupidity) Land Car Sellers In Hot Water

December 14, 2010
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Bad-mouthing the boss is a pretty terrible idea, but that doesn't stop people from doing it. In hallways, at the water cooler, over cocktails at happy hour, disgruntled employees frequently air their grievances to potentially sympathetic co-workers and friends. Most of those complaints never make it back to upper-management, but a couple of car sellers in Pitt Meadows, Canada, have learned the hard way that writing down their snide remarks is a very different thing -- and apparently, a fireable offense.

Together and individually, the two (unnamed) employees at the (also unnamed) dealership posted numerous comments about their place of business on Facebook. They  "slagged their employer, accusing the business of being crooked, accused managers of performing homosexual acts together and mused about committing acts of violence against them." At best, that's just plain dumb; at worst, it's offensive to friends, customers, the LGBT community, and, of course, their employer.

But wait, it gets better: some of the posts were made from computers at the dealership. And one of the employees was a Facebook friend of the very manager he was defaming. Genius at work.

Our take

As social media hounds, we're obviously big fans of Facebook. It's a great tool for communicating with friends, relatives, and, of course, potential clients.

But just as you wouldn't walk into a party and start ragging on the host to his face, it seems pretty stupid, short-sighted, and socially inept to rip on your bosses in a public forum -- especially when you know they can see what you've written.

Employees might be entitled to free speech, but not to sheer stupidity. At least, not on the clock.


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