A Car Is More Than Just Transportation

December 6, 2010

What if you could throw off the bonds of everything that is negative about your car--expensive repairs, unreliability, and the portion of your disposable income that it consumes each month for insurance and gas? That may not ever happen happen, but what you can do is to focus on the positive places a car can take you physically and mentally.  

We had a practice when our children were still easily managed, and they weren’t embarrassed by our presence, and that was a Sunday drive to what around our home was known as chateau country. This area is only five minutes from where the regular people lives but it serves as a window into the lives of the very rich, which is one of the great things about a car, no matter how challenged it is cosmetically or functionally you are entitled to drive it anywhere you wish.

At any rate, on these trips we would drive by and gawk at the houses that were barely visible from the roadway and occasionally catch a glimpse of a chauffeur-driven limousine leaving the estate. I can’t speak for the rest of the occupants of the vehicle, but as for me I would fantasize that “some day” I would be instructing James on the best route to the symphony.  When I would snap out of it, I would randomly toot the horn and without fail the kids would ask what I was beeping at and I would respond, “I’m tooting my own horn” and they would tell me how lame I was.

If the escape benefits of the auto don’t impress you how about its ability to boost your spirits. There is something about looking outside and seeing your car at the ready and knowing that it’s there to transport you to anywhere within the range of the fuel. If you doubt this assertion think back to the last time your vehicle was not available and you will recall that suddenly your freedom seemed compromised and with that came a feeling of diminished expectations for your day.

What about the ability of a car to become an extension of your personality and in so doing allowing you to achieve your goals. If you are the person the accounting department has to remind because you haven’t cashed last month’s paycheck, there is something like the 2011 Ford Fiesta that gets 40 mpg on the highway according to The Car Connection. From frugality to the need to pamper oneself, cars can do that, it is only a matter of selecting the right one.

Cars may not always behave the way we would like, but that is no reason to allow them to keep us from seeing all the good things that they represent in our lives.

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