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December 28, 2010
TheCarConnection Q&A

TheCarConnection Q&A

While you're working on your New Year's resolutions, you might have a few questions about your current car, or your next one.

Who will you ask? How about other readers at TheCarConnection, or even our editors?

Now you can. This week, we've released our newest feature for the High Gear Media network: Questions and Answers. You've seen similar tools at Quora, Yahoo! and other Web portals, but now there's one strictly focused on cars and car-related questions.

All you need is an account, either from High Gear Media or Facebook. You can log in at the Q&A tab right off the nav bar, and fire away with your questions--or even answers, if you're ready to help other users find their way through issues like fuel economy, maintenance, shopping or selling.

While you're steering through our new section, we have a few hints for making the most out of this new tool:

Ask a specific question. If you want to know the meaning of life, we suggest Wikipedia or any of the root texts of the world's great religions as a start. For us, it means asking something a little more focused: "When will the new Ford Focus arrive?" "Where can I turn right on red?" "Does this car make me look fat?" A better question will get a better answer.

Bring something to the party. If you've already done some searching on the Web, to no avail, you might want to explain to other readers where the Web is lacking. Say you're trying to find the bumper to a 1980 Renault Le Car (they had bumpers?). If you've searched and have been left wanting, link to that site from your question and point out your breadcrumb trail to others. On the other hand, if you're a total expert and know exactly where to find the answer, link away: "Renault Le Car bumpers are for sale all day long on, and this is the best one."

Make it interesting to others. If you're looking for the security code to your Audi's radio head unit, you're probably on your own. Every other Audi owner has lost their owner's manual code card, too. But if you ask, "How can I get a replacement security code card for my Audi allroad?" you're more likely to get other quattrophiles involved.

Stick to the topic at hand. Don't ask Maserati questions on the Chrysler pages--unless you're asking about the Chrysler TC by Maserati, of course.

Don't shoot the messenger. You may not always like the answer you receive, and you may not get an answer quickly. At the risk of sounding too philosophical, you should keep an open mind to the answers that come your way in life. Keep in mind, the web universe does not like shouting, name-calling, poorly-used obscenities, flame language ALL CAPS or spam links.

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