Top 5 Cars To Buy, Based Solely On Their Ads

November 30, 2010
You have seen all manner of top 10 and top 5 lists regarding cars. From the Top 10 Cars with Angry Faces, to Ten Cars we Give Thanks For, the Top 10 Vehicle Depreciation List and Top 10 Most Stolen Classic Cars. And let’s not forget the The Top 5 Smallest Cars You Can Buy.

And what do all of these lists have in common apart from, uh, listing top stuff? They are lists of substance, lists that rely on facts, figures, some form of reason. They are lists that inspire conversations, blogs, comments and to-and-fro discussions, and maybe even some head-slapping and name-calling. Or even questioning of one’s manliness/womanliness. The top 10 list, made popular by David Letterman and the Internet is now part of our society, our psyche (especially the German one that likes order - I kid, I kid).

So how does my list differ? First of all, it’s just a top 5 because 10 seems too extravagant and I am on a diet. And moreover, this list is all about style over substance, all about image over intellect, all about mirage over mass. I am going to tell you the top 5 cars from anno 2010 you should buy solely based on the quality of their ads because most of us buy cars for what they say about us more than what they do. Even minivan buyers want some image attached to their tremendously rational vehicular purchasing decision. And great car ads help make us decide what we want to drive and be associated with, and furthermore, after we buy said vehicle, these ads reinforce the rightness our decisions.

And before you read on and agree to disagree, think about this: three of the top five ads are for small cars, which says they have to try harder to convince an audience, especially in North America, that generally likes bigger cars. And furthermore, small cars are really about style and they need great ads to make their buyers, and the scoffing nay-sayers, believe small isn’t cheap, it’s cool. As for the BMW, it’s not for a particular car, it’s about the brand. BMW is a champ at infusing their cars with an image and style that the vast majority of other car makers just can’t touch. The last one is for a minivan, a maligned steed that serves as reliably and faithfully as the Rock of Gibraltar, but like any plain Jane, this is one category that needs spicing up and the ad here may be one of the best of the year.

All of these ads make you want to buy their cars not because of rational decisions, but because these ads make you think, “Yeah, I’d be cool if I drove THAT car.” Kudos to the makers of these ads

Nissan Juke
Great ad because it’s got attitude, you oddly don’t hate the smug guy driving this Gen-Y vehicle. In fact, you kind of laugh at and with him. You also marvel at what a great and unique little vehicle this Juke is and that it seems to appeal to all groups - sort of like the Mini, but much weirder.

Fiat 500
An ad that is an everyday masterpiece as the tag-line goes. And this ad is just punk rock simple, clear, bold and transmits those values to the car by mere visual association. Top notch music to go with it. Worth buying this car cause of the ad for sure.

Volkswagen Golf
In North America the Golf car isn't as cool as others, but there is a certain “poor man’s Audi” associated with it, and VW has worked hard to make it sophisticated and above all, clean. An environmental A-student. And the ad that goes with this is in my opinion the best of of 2010. And it confers an eco-savior status on its owner. Not bad.

 BMW (any one will do)
This ad won my heart through sheer arrogance. Be a BMW owner, and you are a) in love with your car (just ask my cousin, that X6-driving nutcase) and b) way cooler than any Audi pretender with his shirt open and slimy attire to boot. Superb cars deserve superb ads, and BMW does better than most.

Toyota Sienna
OK, the Swagger Wagon is really one of the top ads of the year. Cool and minivan couldn’t coexist in one sentence, in one thought up til this ad came out. Geeky coolness. Hard to reconcile the two, but this superb ad makes owning a Sienna seem way cooler than you’d think. Not an easy job, but a brilliant ad.

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