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November 23, 2010
It is time for an update of All Car Advice articles that may have left you hanging and asking, “I wonder what ever happened to?” The original articles appear in parentheses at the end of the update.

Sale at Auction of Mayor Rizzo’s 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham – The sale price of this bigger than life conversation piece may be the best kept secret since the identity of deep throat. It really didn’t matter to Frank’s son Franny as long it went to real car guy. After bidding went up to $27,500 Rizzo elected to stop the bidding and huddle with a retired Nissan dealer who purchased the caddy and plans to drive it himself, as for the price, it sleeps with the fishes. (Mayor Rizzo’s 1980 Cadillac Fleetwood To Be Sold At Auction To Fund Statue Care)

Right To Repair Legislation – This is what seems to be the perennial fight to see if independent repair facilities can obtain repair information from the car manufacturers that would enable them to repair cars more efficiently. The car companies say that they already share enough information and that they are not about to put trade secrets at risk so their competition can do a better job at repairing cars that might otherwise grace their service bays. In spite of bi-partisan support for its passage and enough time in the halls of congress that it might qualify for that coveted health care package Right To Repair legislation continues to languish. (Will Right To Repair Become Law?)

Predatory Towing  – The practice of tow services working in concert with property owners to remove cars from private property to the dismay of oblivious car owners is still a problem in many jurisdictions. The companion practice of rival wrecker companies fighting over the towing of cars involved in accidents resulted in one tow truck operator being shot in the leg during a confrontation in Philly. The whole issue spawned a reality show - “Wreck Chasers” on Discovery Channel. (Predatory Towing Or Just Property Rights)   

Scam Update – Chalk one up for the good guys! Police in Westport Connecticut apprehended two males suspected to be operators of a scam reported here. In this scenario the victims were approached in supermarket parking lots in the neighboring town of Greenwich and solicited for repair work. They would than attempt to get their elderly victims to withdraw money from an ATM for the repairs as they drove the “unsafe” car to an alleged repair site or car dealership. (How To Avoid The Latest Car Repair Scams)

Recall Resolution By Car Rental Companies – This issue just won’t go away. The catalyst for the effort to make rental agencies either fix or park cars that have been recalled was a $15 million settlement with parents of two sisters who died in a rented PT Cruiser with an outstanding recall. The cause has escalated as a U.S. Senator and two consumer advocacy groups have petitioned the F.T.C. A decision by NHTSA to investigate has just been announced. (Recalls Should Be Resolved Promptly)

The narrative may never be over on some of these subjects, but at least you are now up to speed.
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