Dodge and Chevy - What's With the Stripes?

November 21, 2010

With the recent release of the 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 at SEMA, I keep on wondering why Dodge and Chevy keep adding stripes and decal packages to the Challenger and Camaro. (The Mustang also but mainly on the Shelby).

Now for the SEMA show this makes sense, but to carry these stripes on most models makes these cars look too flashy and inevitably can cause the loss of customers. 

The Challenger is mostly guilty of this with a striping package appearing on nearly every R/T and SRT-8 models The Camaro also is guilty of “racing stripes” but not nearly as much. Regardless of what you think of these cars they have some great lines and by adding these stripes takes away from the design.  I realize that these cars take homage to the 70s, but guess what--it’s not the 70s.

A simple look over to the European sports coupes and you would never see a large M3 decal on the side of a BMW or racing stripes up the hood and roof of an Audi S5. You would probably get beat up for that, unless of course you are actually racing it. I thought I may have been the only one that shared this opinion but on a recent trip to a Chrysler dealership, I noticed a number of Challengers, mostly in some fancy color like yellow, orange and even plum crazy purple, all with racing stripes of some kind While admiring a yellow SRT-8 in the showroom, I asked a salesman how sales for these cars were, and he said that he probably could have sold the SRT-8 twice if it was black with no stripes.

Funny, I thought, that’s exactly how I would buy one.

My thoughts to Dodge and Chevy – keep the stripes for special order and sell more Camaros and Challengers.

What do you think?

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