California Teen Takes Responsibility Seriously

November 18, 2010

In what seemed like a real life episode of the ABC series "What Would You Do," a Calabasas California high school senior distinguished himself as someone that has a high regard for his fellow citizens. In a situation that called for vision and bravery he displayed super-sized amounts of both.

All that Sean Wika wanted to do was to bike home without incident after a workout at a club. But those plans were disrupted by a car that nearly ran him over as it lost one of its wheel assemblies as described in an article on Calabasas Patch. As the driver attempted to reattach the wheel Wika noticed him stumbling as if he were intoxicated.

When the 74-year-old driver attempted to drive off, Wika reached through driver's window and snatched the keys from the ignition switch. "I wasn't gonna stand for someone leaving the scene and killing someone," is how he described his motivation for getting involved.

If the story ended there it would certainly qualify him for the recognition that his town's city council bestowed on him recently, but there is another chapter to the story.

As Wika was restraining the driver at the curb and waiting for police to arrive "four big men in suits" came to offer to take their friend to a safe place, but Wika stood his ground until police arrived causing the men to drive off. The mayor aptly described Wika's actions as "courageous" and commented "I can tell you, you saved someone's life. I don't know who it is, but you saved someone's life."

In the post Five Things You’re Responsible For In Your Car, All Car Advice considered the unwritten contract that we all have with each other as we use the road. Wika’s concern for others and his willingness to back up that concern with actions that, one could argue, put him in danger, are evidence that he gets the idea of citizenship--whether it be on the road or in his community.

[Calabasas Patch]      

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