Video: Chevy’s Max & Al Kick Ford’s Cojones

November 9, 2010
Oh, what a world we live in. There is rage in the air, people. There is testosterone coursing through the air conditioning system. There is much male musk just wafting about in TV land, I can tell you. How do I know? There are three simple reasons.

1. Sports
Football season is in high gear and my brother-in-law is glued to his couch every Sunday and betting like mad in his pool. Let me make it clear - North American football, not that sissy European stuff where Hollywood actors come to learn acting tips on how to fake an injury and cry like a baby. And we all know what kind of male likes to watch football. The ones who like their vehicles to haul and tow stuff. In short SUVs and trucks. Or for the politically correct, cross-overs and heavy duty commercial vehicles.

2. Hot Items
Turns out, trucks are back to outselling cars in the USA. The only market on the globe where this is the case. And when trucks outsell cars, it either means the economy is slowly picking up, as trucks are not insignificant purchases and people think the economy is on sound footing. Or gas is cheap enough to justify a fuel-swiller. Or the ads about fuel-efficient trucks are working. Whatever.

3. Mad Ads
Chevy and Ford are at it again trying to out-muscle each other in the truck wars, on the pavement, and especially in the advertising ether. Chevy Silverado for that matter has really decided to go out on a limb and introduce an ad campaign called Max and Al (for Duramax diesel engines with 397 hp and 7 billion ft-lbs of earth-rotation slowing torque and Allison transmission that can put up with that twisting madness). You can check it out at

Watch all three ads, please. They are all very intentionally wooden and stilted in their acting and writing (maybe their target audience doesn’t go in for “feelings”.). They scream “Western” as in the film genre. and they are really simple story-telling devices. Two guys, tough, getting along to do a tough job.  The bouncing baby one definitely kicks Ford’s F-150 in the cojones, implying their owners are babies. Woof, that is some name-calling and posturing.

If you have a full three-and-a-half minutes watch The Lodge. The humor is very weird, but very funny. The sexual references are colossal weirdness, not to mention the scene with the bonsai tree and the eagle. I think the creators had sniffed one too many diesel particulates when they came up with that one.

All in all, a different and memorable ad campaign, very different from anything before, and very different from the Dennis Leary Ford F-150 rant ads, which seem to be resonating with their audience.

What a battle.

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