See Chevy (Cruze) Run: Like Pac-Man

October 27, 2010

A great tagline is to advertisers what a white stag is to hunters - sometimes mythical, extremely elusive, and when you actually find one (the tagline, not the white stag), your are going to proclaim your genius, your otherworldly sense of word play, and advertise the spit out of it for the product it’s meant to be attached to.

And in the auto industry there have been many great taglines:
BMW: The ultimate driving machine
Mazda: Zoom-zoom
Porsche: There is no substitute
VW: Drivers wanted
Ford: Built Ford tough

And of course there is the startlingly brilliant, dare I say poetic, possibly Shakespearean in its linguistic nimbleness Chevy tagline that just came out, “Chevy runs deep.” Ok, I am being mean, it ain’t no piece of The Bard, it isn’t Mark Twain derived, it really isn’t even Stephen King on a bad day. Frankly it’s flat. And to be honest, I had thought up about ten filthy alternate versions of it, that will not be repeated here due to my high standards for blogging and the fact I may have my fingers chopped off by the editors, those wonderful kind souls, bless them.

All that having been said, a good, let alone great tagline is really useful when you want to build a brand, as it’s something that when subtly used, slips into the society’s advertising unconscious, becomes part of the zeitgeist and eventually just sticks. See the list above.

So what do you do when your tagline really isn’t all that special (my opinion of course, other may differ, but they are either wrong or should be exiled)? You had better back it up with great product and even more brilliant advertising, which is just what Chevy did with the Cruze in one its ads in China. Have a look at the YouTube video below and you can see how creative the youth is half a world away.

They took an iconic and cross-cultural game, Pac-Man, made it life-size and threw the new Chevy Cruze in it and drove the spit out of it. Put it all to some loud, rollicking rock n’ roll music to amp up the tempo, and voila, you have a car commercial without a tagline that is pretty interesting to watch for its intended target audience (video game-playing youth who are infinitely cooler than this author). It’s pretty simple but effective, way more effective than “running deep.”

Chevy Cruze Is Pac Man


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