Video: Nissan Juke, Weird and Cool Like Dieter

October 19, 2010

What do the Nissan Juke--something you could definitely call unique and offbeat--and the wild, cosmopolitan city of Berlin have in common? Turns out they're a match, a weird little car and a great place to make a weird yet wonderful commercial for a crossover.

Before you leap down my virtual throat and berate me with insults about repetitive posts (this is the third post on this car in a row), I am merely completing a trio about the marketing done for this car, which you could call either innovative or throwing darts at the marketing segmentation dartboard. I have spilled a lot of electronic ink on wondering how Nissan is approaching the selling of this car through their commercials. This is different from anything the MINI has done, way better than anything from Honda, like the weird yet interesting CR-Z commercials, and certainly a step above Toyota’s Scion, the so-dubbed hip arm of Toyota. In fact, I’d say this latest commercial approaches VW in terms of generating emotion and feeling.  

Berlin is a special place, full of weird energy, full or life and it beats to its own Dieter-like rhythm. I was there a year or so after the wall fell and I have never experienced a city like it. A crossroads of sorts, and a great place to shoot a commercial for a crossover Nissan with a “turbocharged heart” (Nissan’s words, not mine). And the folks who made this commercial, one that shows what a little juice can do to spice up life, really paired a place with a product in a way that turns advertising into a mini film. This commercial leaves you with a good feeling, like something mystical can happen, apparently from driving a Juke.

Now the film buff in me says, “they just borrowed from the Wim Wender’s film Wings Of Desire, but there are no angles." But there is a cool feeling about this commercial. The music is perfectly suited to the mood of the commercial (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in a Leslie Feist overtone) and matches the pacing too. Visually, you see all kinds of nightlife and characters as well as all kinds of machinery that springs to life. You see the electricity this generated by the passing Juke, the life it sparks and the people of Berlin, of all stripes brought to life. It really left me feeling a little happier, kind of like Wings Of Desire did.

This may be the most interesting Nissan Juke ad, if not the funniest. But it’s a great effort and worth watching. And right after that, take 5 minutes and watch how the commercial was made. Fun stuff.

Nissan Juke - Stay Awake

Nissan Juke - Making of Stay Awake

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