Video: 2011 VW Jetta Says Love Not Cheap, Just Inexpensive

October 17, 2010

How far would you go for love? What outlandish, ego-smooshing, body-bruising, morale-decimating things would you a human take on in the name of love?

I have done many sinful, shameful things in my youth for what I thought at the time was love. Turned out it was a much more physical than metaphysical need that needed satisfying. But I digress. Automotive love is a different kind of love and has led many a man down an expensive path that depleted more than one wallet, although that love was requited every time the key turned and the engine fired.

VW’s latest ad selling its bread-and-butter car in North America, the Jetta, is another wonderful example of VW’s humor, and its sensibility for the emotions we feel towards our cars. And people really do feel for their cars - I have seen people more money into their cars then into their spouses. In fact there was a a poll done a number of years ago in car-crazy Germany asking adult males if they love their cars over their wives. The four-wheeled “lovers” beat out the two-legged life partners quite handily.

VW knows this and has skillfully crated an ad showing us the depths a male will go to buy that car he loves so much. The Moonlighting ad is really well done -- I expect nothing less from VW -- with the right music, the right casting of the slightly pathetic but clearly driven young lad doing what it takes to save up the cash for his dream. I particularly like the human-punching bag for women with rage scene. The misery, the shame, the ignominy of all these horrible jobs is so palpable on this guys face. It’s all in the name of automotive love.

Very cleverly VW has made it clear that German engineering is now affordable. You can have that somewhat

bland yet crisply chiseled, Walter d'Silva influenced, produced in Puebla hunk of machinery in your driveway for under $16,000. Now many an automotive scribe has pointed out that to become affordable it has decontented the Jetta and brought in technology that Fred Flintstone would consider dated (read: 2.0-liter, 115-hp, four-cylinder). It has aimed way downmarket to get a bigger slice of the pie. We won’t get into the cheap plastics and retrograde suspension.

Thing is, most VW fans tend me a bit more knowledgeable about their cars so I can’t see how this will fly well. Especially when these VW fanboys start loading up their cars with some nice goodies. Sixteen grand? I think the answer is “nein.”

All that having been said, it’s still a nice commercial to watch, showing once again, VW knows how to make an

ad that appeals to our emotional side.


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