Video: Nissan Juke Part II - Same Car, Just Funnier

October 11, 2010

Nissan’s latest ad campaign Innovation For All is really innovative. They seem to be trying out all sorts of ways to get the message across that they are really on the cutting edge, both product and image-wise. The product side is pretty clear, with the Nissan Leaf, Juke and recent updates to the best-selling Altima. In terms of image, they have plenty of nice ads and great image boosters like Lance Armstrong. I have also commented on Nissan’s attitude change in previous blogs and it’s a brand and manufacturer that deserves a look.

And deserving of a look is the latest Nissan Juke ad that left me laughing, and scratching my head at the same time. Before I get to the ad, remember that any good advertising campaign has to be one thing -  clear and consistent in its message otherwise you lose the consumer. Repeat the message often enough and the potential buyer has it somewhere in the back of his or her brain, just waiting for some kind of trigger to make them say, “remember that great ad...”

And this is where Nissan, who have produced some excellent ads recently, seems to be going off in a few directions. The tag-line may be Innovation for All, but the styles of the ads are all different. Which might not be so bad if each car has its own message, but in this case, that of the Juke, Nissan is tossing two kinds of ads at you, both of them are great, but very different. I commented on the last one, which you can check out here.

The newest Juke ad, which is a laugh riot, definitely reinforces the demographic and the technology this little pug is packing, which my wife thinks is so adorable, my dream of a Miata has just been relegated to the dustbin of automotive desires. It’s a slick ad that talks to the viewer, is way over the top and, like any good ad, makes you want to watch it over and over. I certainly did.

The main character is perfect for the role, the sort of Blues Brothers “I’m on a mission” line cracked me up, and the sheer ridiculousness of the whole premise only underscores what a fun ad and fun car this could be. Turbocharged mayhem.

My only critique - it’s miles different from the previous ad, and I think the message is going off in a couple of different paths. Nissan needs to keep consistent, not just innovative and funny. But that having been said, nice ad, Nissan. Keep ‘em coming.

Nissan Juke Ad - Donuts

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