Fireball Run: The Attainable Chevrolet Camaro SS Gets More Attention Than The Lamborghinis

October 11, 2010

The Fireball Run is over and the dust has settled. Done and gone are the days full of missions and bonuses, yelling and high stress discussions about where something might be. As a week has passed one thing has been stuck on my mind. The way the public reacts to the Camaro.

In the Fireball run there were everything from Lamborghini Diablos to Gallardos. Mustangs to Chargers, and even an old Chrysler Imperial grafted to a Dodge Magnum SRT8. Each city we arrived to had a hero's welcome awaiting us. Kids and adults alike both asking for autographs, player cards, and anything else we had to give away.

As Nelson and I were signing autographs in Dodge City, Kansas, it hit me. The Camaro SS was sitting next to Valentino Balboni's Lamborghini Gallardo. The $36,000 sports car was sitting next to the nearly $220,000 Gallardo. Yet the Camaro SS was garnering a lot more attention from the kids and adults. A red Camaro versus the orange Lamborghini. Let that sink in for a moment.

Why? Why was the Camaro getting more attention then the Gallardo? Later that night I told Nelson about my light bulb moment. We had a short discussion and quickly agreed on a logical answer. The Camaro is an attainable dream car. $36,000 is something a kid can dream about and an adult can consider reasonably. A $220,000 Lamboghini is not exactly something that is attainable. Sure you can dream about it, but it's not likely to end up in most people's garages.

The bottom line? Supercars are awesome, but if they aren't attainable then everyone might not dream about them all day. Oh and the Camaro looks like a Hot Wheels car brought to life. I am sure that does help the attention factor.

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