Two Days, Two Quirky Marketing Campaigns From Subaru

October 5, 2010
Screencap from Subaru 'Tracks' Facebook promo

Screencap from Subaru 'Tracks' Facebook promo

Yesterday, we told you about Subaru's well-designed, poorly executed marketing campaign called "Mediocrity". Today, we've gotten wind of another Subaru campaign, one rolling out on Facebook for a much clearer target market: 30something hipsters. 

Before we go any further though, we should point out that we love Subaru. The company makes some really well-built rides that are very fun to drive. Finding both of those features in one vehicle is a rarity these days. So Subaru, if you're reading this, please know that we say the following with love in our hearts.

Now that that's out of the way: Subaru, please buy better coffee for your marketing staff. We're sure they're all very nice people, but they are clearly caffeine-deprived. If they were more amped, they might've realized that the potentially awesome "Subaru Tracks" promotion would be much better suited as the landing tab on Subaru's Facebook page instead of forcing visitors to dig around for it. In our experience, most Facebook users are too busy to type out "you're" (or "your" for that matter), so what are the odds that they're (not "their" or "there") going to spend time clicking through a Facebook page looking for goodies?

And then there's the problem of the hook. The draw of the "Subaru Tracks" promotion is the allure of free, downloadable music tracks, but those tracks aren't available on the Facebook page (at least not now). According to a recent status update from Subaru, fans need to "Watch your newsfeed for TV spot posts and free music track downloads." In other words, Subaru is asking a population with attention spans best suited for Robot Chicken to pay close attention. There's irony in this.

[via John]

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