Five Tips To Child Proof Your Garage

September 29, 2010

If you have kids, then you realize how difficult it is to get some time alone.  In many instances your children accompany you wherever you go, and for the weekend wrencher, sometimes your kids become apprentice mechanics. 

But there are precautions you should take before bringing your son or daughter into the garage with you.  Here are five tips to ensure their safety:

See it as a kid sees it. When you are in your garage, crouch down to your kid’s eye level and look around.  This is a good first step at identifying potential risks.  You will notice objects that are easy to grab or the accessibility of dangerous containers.  Just make sure your garage is tidy and not a trash can.

Store everything safely. Make sure tools are out of reach and properly stored.  Tools can cut, or injure a child, and if they are not properly taken off, they may be a falling hazard for smaller children. 

Beware of fluids. Make sure your vehicles are not leaking any fluids, like antifreeze or oil.  Antifreeze is deadly and oil can easily become a slippery hazard.  There are many ways to clean up oil and many absorbent products to aid in proper cleanup and disposal; kitty litter is also a good resource as well if you are in a pinch. 

Confine your flammables. Gasoline is dangerous and should be stored in a detached building.  Older containers made before The Children’s Gasoline Burn Prevention Act in 2008 may allow vapors to leak and can become a hazard at the slightest spark.  It may not happen often, but is known to occur.  Also storing gas off site will keep tiny prying hands away.

Watch the garage door well. Probably one of the most dangerous aspects of any garage is the automatic garage door.  Granted, many are now installed with sensors designed to detect anything in the way, they are not always foolproof.  Keep the switch out of reach and be careful when opening and closing the door as children are known to be quick.

These tips can help make your new miniature mechanic safe when they are helping you out as minivan pit crew.

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