Fireball Run: Turning The Chevrolet Camaro SS Into A Social Media Command Center

September 22, 2010
Mobile Command Center

Mobile Command Center

As we mentioned earlier we are going to be bringing you along with us for the Fireball Run. That's right! To do that we are bringing quite a bit of electronics (still hoping our actual clothes fit in the car after our electronics go in). So lets get to it.

  • Joel's MacBook Pro
  • Nelson's Sony Vaio 
  • Tim's Compaq Presario
  • Joel's Nikon D5000
  • Joel's Canon PowerShort SD450
  • Nelson's Panasonic Lumix FP2
  • Nelson's Canon S5is
  • Tim's Panasonic Lumix
  • Tim's Sony CoolPix
  • Joel's FlipCam HD
  • Tim's FlipCam
  • Tim's iPod Touch
  • Cruise cam mount
  • Tim's HTC Incredible
  • Nelson's Samsung Galaxy S Captivate
  • Joel's iPhone4
  • Verizon's DroidX (donated for the rally by Verizon)
  • AT&T USBconnect (donated by Joel's cousin)
  • Nelson's Race-Keeper datalogger with dual video and OBDII
  • Valentine1 (borrowed)
  • Magellan GPS (borrowed)
  • OnStar (standard inside the Chevrolet Camaro)
  • Inverter
  • 12V splitter
  • More SD cards and charging cables then you can count

This is a rather long list if I do say so myself. You are probably wondering how we are going to fit it all in the Camaro SS along with our luggage. Don't worry as we are wondering the same thing ourselves. If Nelson gets strapped to the roof to save room inside, well we wont go into details. 

Regardless, this is a lot of gear and you are probably wondering a few things. First why so much. Well as you can tell each person owns quite a few things. Nelson and Tim are not going to be at the rally during the same time. I am the only team member that will be at the rally for the full 9 days. Tim and Nelson are swapping out midway through.

We will use Nelson's Race-Keeper datalogger with dual video and OBDII to get as much data during the track portions of the rally as possible.

Also the reason for so many cameras, some of those are higher end cameras while some are lower level cameras. We are required to take pictures for each mission and have them to display at the end of the day to the judges in the correct order as taken. Thus we will dedicate a camera at the beginning of each day for just the mission. We will use other cameras in different situations for our own uses.

The cell phones, yes you noticed we have an extra. Four phones and three people. Verizon was kind enough to donate a DroidX for our use during the Fireball Run. They have the hotspot feature enabled so we will be able to suck down WiFi to our laptops while inside the car. As a back up my cousin donated an AT&T USBconnect for times that we might have no coverage on one carrier but do on another. We will use the data connections from the above devices to bring you live video, pictures and information from the road via Twitter and Facebook

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