Why You Should Follow A Company On Twitter

September 21, 2010
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Twitter has taken the world by storm. Some consider Twitter as making it or hitting the big time back in the spring of 2009. That is when Twitter hit Oprah. Around the same time Ashton Kutcher and CNN were in a war as to who could reach 1 million followers first. Many companies have flocked to Twitter for many reasons. The question is why should you follow a company on Twitter?

There are many answers to that question but we will only cover a few reasons. A main reason to follow a company on Twitter is because it connects you to them. For the sake of these answers we will relate deal specifically with auto companies and blogs/magazines. When you follow a company you will see all the tweets in your stream that come from them.

Most companies will tweet major news along with sometimes a special inside look at something. For an example, GM often tweets updates from press events and consumer events. Sometimes they tweet out updates during monthly sales calls. The Car Connection tweets out pictures and updates when at press events along with auto shows and other such events. These are just a few examples of things that fans would not normally get to see if not following on Twitter.

If you dig deeper into the above you get company representatives. For Ford we would be talking about Scott Monty and GM we would refer to Chris Barger. These are only two examples of social media leaders in the auto industry. Twitter gives you the consumer the opportunity to directly contact and hold a online conversation with these marketing executives. You can voice your opinion on what you think is working and what isn't along with why. What other platform gives you the ability to hold a conversation openly with a marketing executive?

When people are having problems with a car these companies have sprung into action publicly. They have reached out to the person on Twitter on many occasions. Doing their best to help resolve the issue. When one person had trouble with a dealership who was essentially not being helpful after purchasing a new Chevrolet Equinox, Chris Barger and his team sprang into action. Contacting both the dealership and the customer. They were quickly able to resolve the matter and it was all public. 

A similar instance happened with Scott Monty and Ford when a dealership was not being helpful to a Fiesta customer. Ford's social media team sprang into action and contacted both the dealership and customer. After a short time the issue was resolved the Ford made the customer very happy.

These and many more examples are why you should be following companies on Twitter. If you have a problem with something, chances are someone representing a company on Twitter can help you.  

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