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September 19, 2010

If you know anything about Jerry Seinfeld, it’s that he’s a funny guy. Oh, and a Porsche collector of the nuttiest kind. He owns more of them than most people own pairs of underwear or socks. So it was only natural that he would team up with his friend Superman, one of his trusty Swabian steeds, and make a commercial for -- wait for it -- American Express. OK, so it’s not a Porsche ad, but it might as well be, the car is the centerpiece for half the ad.

Can someone tell me why Seinfeld isn't Porsche’s spokesman for North America? Why doesn’t he do all their ads and voice-overs? His fascination for aIl things Porsche outstrips that of most Porsche owners, to the point where he got invited to a demo of the Porsche Carrera GT in the heart of Swabia and wrote an article for Automobile magazine a number of years ago. That is exclusive company.  And Seinfeld is known to like to sponsor things, after all, he is a capitalist comedian of the highest order.

Take five minutes to watch the ad and let yourself laugh at the absurdity of Superman and Seinfeld rolling down the road in the high-priced Sportwagen with the luggage on the roof. If there is a more absurd image, I haven’t seen it yet. And to top off the absurdity, here is a Jewish comedian, with his erstwhile hero riding shotgun, driving in a car designed by Dr. Porsche, a gent who was just a little too close to that German WWII leader with the funny mustache. Sure, the ad is for Amex, but the humor, absurdity and the car make this an ad worth watching again and again.

Enjoy the ad.

[Las Vegas Review Journal, Automobile Magazine]

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