eHarmony And Auto Trader: An Internet Love Story

September 11, 2010

Like any other automotive enthusiast, I am sure you have hopped online late at night, always accidentally ending up on Auto Trader after strictly promising yourself just a quick check of Car Town and then straight to bed. But that rarely, if ever, happens. Instead you get caught into perusing the inner depths of the Internet, searching for the perfect set of wheels; a deal too good to be true. 

Then there are those who are still looking for that special someone to ride shotgun with them, someone to join and come along on any automotive adventure. But don’t despair, the trusty Internet has a special site to fill that search as well; they call it eHarmony.

You simply input what you are looking for; height, hair color, likes, make, model, and mileage, and away you go on your search. You will quickly notice some ads are more than a few dollars out of your price range, while others will leave you missing the solid dependability of a mutually rewarding relationship. Some have photos, others do not. Granted, getting a quick glance at what you are interested in always helps to pull you in for a closer look.

Of the ads that do catch your fancy, you press on. You skim the ad, looking for those key words that hint at something special; low mileage, perfect age, solid body, and still running strong. You shoot an email to the advertiser, hoping you are not too late. To your relief they respond and you set up a time to meet, a test drive, the true answer to all your questions.

You head out to meet, nervous as what to expect. You try to think positive; that it’s more than what you ever wanted--perfect condition and a great experience; though there is doubt it might go sour. Maybe the pictures didn’t tell the truth, maybe there is more wrong than what the ad let on, but that is what creates a thrilling chase. 

You pull up and she is drop dead gorgeous; a stellar body, with all the right curves in all of the right places. Maybe this won’t be as bad as you think. You walk up; introduce yourself as you begin your little date, your first test drive. The engine fires right up with a peppy grumble, proving there is more than just good looks going on here.   

You take off and even before you leave the driveway you are all ready in love. The personality is beyond what you could have expected, so lively and responsive. You are comfortable, even for just meeting a few moments ago. A quick trip around town and your heart knows you two are going home together for a little bonding time, maybe even some time under the hood. 

You’re polite and fill her up before you head back. You don’t want to return her on an empty stomach; that is just rude. You pull in nice and slow, nervous about what happens next. You say your goodbyes to one another, and your heart aches a little as there are few emotions from her in the driveway. You take off and glance in your mirror as she gets smaller and smaller from view, until you turn the corner and she is gone from sight. 

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