Video: Darth Vader, Dark Side Get Voiced for GPS

September 10, 2010

While cleaning up my inbox, I came across one of my favorite ads for navigation systems--from TomTom, actually. My current vehicle doesn’t have a nav system, and I bought a portable TomTom competitor. And wished I hadn’t.

TomTom has the best possible performance, and better yet, it offers you a choice of voices to speak commands. 

Including Star Wars characters.

The DragonCon nerd deep inside you probably is squeeing in delight, right? That jaunt to the grocery store could turn into a full intergalactic battle, loaded with Yoda, or maybe a storm trooper, or best of all, Darth Vader. (I think Chewie might be a problem.)

If you're set for GPS, at least watch this ad showing the voice-overs created for the TomTom system. When you watch this ad, several things happen. You laugh like a madman at the round-abound joke, you roar aloud at the brilliant sound techie guy who is just doing his job, and best of all, it makes you (or more accurately, me) want to throw my current nav-system in the recycling box and go out and get a TomTom for my car, and download Lord Vader’s voice so I can get to that restaurant on the far side of town, all the while making light saber sounds and threatening my wife with the power of the Dark Side. I wonder if you could get laser sounds installed to blast the jerk who just cut you off at the supermarket with his shopping cart?

If this ad doesn’t make you laugh, you’re either too old to understand it (my parents), too young (my kids) or you were too much of a loser to understand the cultural significance of Lord Vader and the Jedi on pop culture. If I could have this voice in the nav system in my car, I’d garner the respect of my friends and family and be the master of the universe.

Enjoy the ad and go out and buy one of these things. I know I will.

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