2011 Dodge Durango, Or Should It Be the ‘Canyonero’?

August 19, 2010

Having just read an unappetizing article on how people can go green in death, I thought what an absurd world we live in, and more importantly, why haven’t the writers of Robot Chicken or The Simpsons lampooned this topic in a vicious manner? These animated creators have often influenced my thoughts and perspective on the world, possibly to the detriment of my marriage.

Where am I going with this? Shortly after the green death article, I read another article about Dodge falling back on the Durango moniker for its next full-size SUV, and then my thoughts immediately went back to the absurd, to the world of the Simpsons and that great episode where Krusty the Klown sells his soul for a Canyonero, a nice gut shot at the Durango in my opinion. (There are other SUV-related Simpsons episodes, but I won’t go into them now, you can do that at work and call it “market research.”) Dodge is actually going with Durango again. Homer Simpson, where are you?

The Simpsons has had an effect on the automotive section of my shriveled brain due to prolonged exposure to radiation emitted by my CRT TV. But it has been a positive in many ways because it probably warped my sense of humor and genetic code just enough to be able to both laugh and marvel at the chutzpah Dodge has to reuse the name Durango, which at one point, when gas was real cheap and Americans had no green conscience, was a socially acceptable car to say you drove. The name and vehicle made owners feel strong and proud and manly (or womanly as the case may be). I am sure Dodge could have come up with something better and more forward looking. Or maybe Fiat is saving money by reusing old brochures and ad copy and adding new pictures.

Since Dodge is bringing back its big-sized, family-hauling SUV and daring to call it the Durango, I felt that it was necessary to rehash the Simpsons song as this is the image that stuck in my brain when reminiscing about this vehicle--far more than any ad campaign Dodge ever did. Maybe they should call it the Canyonero--it would probably have wider name recognition.

Well, there was one good ad.

It was banned in the USA, but I recall seeing here north of the border. It really summed up the target audience for this vehicle and what they thought was important--power in the form of size, or as some men would say “mine’s bigger.” It’s a funny ad, worth looking at and laughing at.

And it may just get you to hum that Canyonero tune in your head afterward.

Check out the Canyonero song and the Durango commercial. They are both worth it.

Canyonero song

Durango commercial

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