Battle Of The Brands: Exotics And Premiums Disappoint On YouTube

August 12, 2010
Screencap from Ferrari's YouTube channel

Screencap from Ferrari's YouTube channel

Well, we've nearly come to the end of our look at automakers and their YouTube channels. We've already hit up American companies, as well as their European and Asian competitors. Now we reach the last leg of the trip: exotic and premium brands. And you might not be surprised to hear that this leg is especially short.

Of the eight high-end brands we've included in our survey, only two had YouTube channels. How is that possible when nearly every other automakers on the list had an official presence on the world's most popular video-sharing service? It could be related to something that Leah Watkins-Hall pointed out in last week's Twitterview.

Leah mentioned that her team at Jaguar Land Rover hadn't been as competitive on Facebook as some other brands, and we spoke about the difference between potential customers for luxury brands and the people who follow those brands on Twitter or Facebook. Our take? They're not the same people.

These premium brands have probably figured out that their customers aren't going to be drawn in by a well-done YouTube channel. In fact, some (we're guessing the Rolls-Royce demographic, but then, we're presumptuous) might not even know what YouTube is. So, they've probably decided to skip the process altogether.

And that's fair. Premium automakers have a lot of brand cachet, but they don't have anything like the marketing staff (or budget) of bigger brands like GM and Toyota. They have to invest their energies where they're likely to see the biggest return. YouTube doesn't make the cut.

Still, an overview is an overview, and we're nothing if not thorough. Have a look -- and check back tomorrow for our grand prize winners.

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Bentley: No channel


Bugatti: No channel


Ferrari: //
Total uploads: 491
Total subscribers: 17,776
Total views
: 7,586,117
Date launched:November 21, 2006
Date range of clips
: One week to two years
Like: Great design; lots of content; easy to maneuver
Dislike: We don't often say this, but there may be too much to look at
Most recent clip: "Interview with Fernando Alonso" (in English)


Lamborghini: No channel


Lotus: No channel


Maybach: No channel


Maserati: //
Total uploads: 74
Total subscribers: 603
Total views: 135,907
Date launched: February 3, 2006
Date range of clips: One day to two years
Like: Clean design; simple to navigate; manageable selection of clips
Dislike: Doesn't have quite the "oomph" you'd expect from Maserati
Most recent clip: "FIA GT1 World Championship - Round 5 - Spa-Francorchamps"


Rolls-Royce: No channel

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