Top 5 Volkswagen GTI Commercials: Practicality Inspired

July 30, 2010

I spent last weekend hanging out with my best friend, doing what we do best: napping where possible to regain our strength from the long grind that is daily work, eating unholy amounts of very tasty food, and perhaps our favorite sport, watching car shows and discussing cars. Unless I am mistaken, I am almost certain that is also what the ancient Romans did at the height of their empire, so I am in good company.

And where did this deep, introspective, retrospective, well-pondered series of discussions leave us? Just about where it always does--namely, with the always varying answer to the question of what’s the most fun car we could think of for the daily commute through deathly traffic.

See, my best friend drives one kick-butt Nissan Maxima, in a lovely shade of blue with a superb dual-tone, leather interior, and a sweet V-6 under the hood. So what does this have to do with the subject of this post, namely the top 5 GTI commercials I could think of? He said his car drives big--not in an American boat way, but it’s just substantial, and in an urban setting, it isn’t always desirable. I agree and I’d rather have something that fulfills the delicate fun-speed-comfort-parking equation.

We couldn’t think of a car that balanced that delicate equation better, given its turbo zoot to pass dawdling suburban crossovers that hog two lanes as they drop the kids off at karate, not to mention the comfort of those cuddly yet firm VW seats, not unlike my first love, but without the wild fits of screaming. And don’t forget its just-right size, making parking rashes far less likely and you can find spots to park in the crowded downtown. And fun. Volkswagen GTIs are just plain fun. They were, are and always will be fun hot hatches that inspire owners and fans like me.

That is why I chose these five Volkswagen GTI commercials as my top 5. Enjoy and see if you agree.

GTI Dream - I have had this one before.

GTI - Killer of Love (He's accused of saying "Rev counter" in the heat of the moment)

GTI - In Italiano, The scamp, The legend

GTI - Singing In the Rain, CGI-Style

GTI - Not for the Beginner (Dad tells son only after he's done his driver's ed does he get the keys)

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