Video: Sell Your Car Across The Web With KBB's Seller's Toolkit

July 26, 2010
Kelley Blue Book Seller's Toolkit

Kelley Blue Book Seller's Toolkit

Kelley Blue Book Seller's Toolkit

Kelley Blue Book Seller's Toolkit

We've all been there at one time or another: wanting a new car but needing to get rid of the old one first. Sure, we could motor down to the dealership and trade it in, but more often than not, we'll get more cash for our clunker by selling it in advance. So, where to begin?

Once upon a time, we'd simply post a notice in the classified section of our local paper, or toss a For Sale sign in the window, leave the car in a well-trafficked parking lot, and wait for the offers to come rolling in. And to be fair, those methods still work, but since so many people spend so much of their time online these days, it would seem like a waste to leave out the social media resources at our disposal.

That's where Kelley Blue Book's new "Seller's Toolkit" comes in. The Toolkit offers a free, centralized location for pricing your vehicle, building a listing, and sharing that listing across the web -- and in real space.

Start by visiting the Toolkit area of Plug in your ZIP code (remember: values fluctuate regionally), add some info about your vehicle (year, make model, condition, trim level, VIN, etc.), and a brief description. KBB calculates your car's worth and creates an ad for you to distribute in a variety of ways.

KBB makes posting to Facebook and Twitter a snap, and there's also a widget that you can embed on blogs, Tumblr, or sites like Craigslist. What's particularly nifty about these options is that as your vehicle's value changes over time (typically depreciating), your listing updates automatically. From a seller's point of view, that may seem like a negative, since you'd rather the value stay as high as possible. But think of it this way: since your asking price remains in sync with Blue Book values, you'll avoid disagreements with shoppers who've done their research and know what your ride's worth.

More interesting than that, the Seller's Toolkit offers the same functionality for printed fliers. The text on the fliers themselves doesn't change, of course, but each features a QR code that smartphone users can use to reference your current listing at

Want to see the process in action? Here's a short video that ought to give you the gist of things:

If you've got more questions, click on over to the Toolkit and give it a go yourself, or skim the press release below.

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Kelley Blue Book Catapults Traditional Private-Party Sales Methods into 21st Century

Irvine, Calif., July 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Kelley Blue Book, the leading provider of new and used car information, today announces the official launch of its Seller’s Toolkit, featuring the all-new LiveValue system, helping consumers sell their car online and in social networks. The first of its kind, Seller’s Toolkit is a fully-integrated sales method with the latest online technologies to help consumers sell their vehicles on high-traffic websites, social networks, via e-mail or even a personal blog. With the all-new Seller’s Toolkit, Kelley Blue Book catapults traditional private-party sales methods into the 21st century. To access the Seller’s Toolkit, users can visit any Private Party Pricing Report on

According to a recent study¹, about 1.3 million private-party offers made on vehicles via social networking sites equated to 785,000 sales during 2008. In 2009, the number of offers increased to 1.9 million, resulting in nearly 1.3 million sales. Projecting the full year, that means social networking sales will top two million units on 2.96 million offers, making the need for a free, all-inclusive tool like Kelley Blue Book’s all-new Seller’s Toolkit more valuable than ever before.

With Seller’s Toolkit’s electronic, customizable and printable window stickers from Kelley Blue Book, private-party sellers can print a “For Sale” sign for the window of their vehicle and also create and send a digital window sticker with customized descriptions and photos to high-traffic websites like Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist or personal blogs. Kelley Blue Book’s patent pending LiveValue system also gives potential car buyers’ access to real-time, up-to-the-minute Blue Book® Values as listed on

The Seller’s Toolkit earns its name with its social media sales tools designed to empower car sellers with the ability to personally sell their car like a pro. Included is a digitally connected window sticker, Facebook integration, an embeddable widget, dynamic images and a direct link users can share online, all enhanced with LiveValue information. Users with Facebook profiles can notify their network of their vehicles for sale via the integrated share feature. In addition, the Seller’s Toolkit provides sellers with the option to add a custom tab to their Facebook profile reading “Car for Sale,” and features all of the details provided in the digital window sticker. For a blog, online listing or anywhere a widget can be embedded, this interactive module is designed for easy, one-click sharing to a number of online locations such as Blogger or WordPress. For even more digital portability, a dynamically generated image is available for places that feature image linking such as Craigslist, or save the image and upload it directly to sell-it-yourself sites. For e-mail, IM or Twitter, the Seller’s Toolkit provides the seller with a direct link feature, generating a shortened URL that takes buyers to Kelley Blue Book’s pre-configured Pricing Report on This makes it easy for a potential buyer to reference the vehicle quickly and accurately.

“Before private party sellers spend a dime on online listings (that typically fail to drive interest), they should consider the advantages and capabilities of Kelley Blue Book’s Seller’s Toolkit with LiveValue,” said Justin Yaros, executive vice president of product design and development for Kelley Blue Book’s “The easy-to-use intelligent technology and design that supports this product gives sellers the upper hand in online listings. Seller’s Toolkit offers sellers an enhanced social method for listing vehicles for sale, while providing buyers with peace of mind that comes with the availability of the most recent Blue Book® Values.”

By displaying up-to-date, trusted Kelley Blue Book Values in listings through the aforementioned channels, sellers can instill confidence in potential buyers looking for a fair deal from a name they trust. Kelley Blue Book Values are updated weekly and with the LiveValue system, these values are represented in real-time from within the offered tools. LiveValue provides real-time Kelley Blue Book Values via three easy methods integrated into the Seller’s Toolkit window sticker: Generated QR Codes, SMS messaging and voice call services.

QR codes (short for Quick Response) are two-dimensional bar codes often used in mobile tagging, and in the case of the Seller’s Toolkit, they contain all of the configured vehicle information. Once scanned via a mobile phone, the QR code takes potential buyers to a pre-configured mobile report page for the selected vehicle, containing more information about the vehicle for sale and links into Kelley Blue Book’s mobile site.

The SMS feature of the window sticker allows car shoppers using a mobile phone to send the provided LiveValue ID to a specific short code number. Once received, the LiveValue system sends a SMS (text message) to the user with the appropriate up-to-date Kelley Blue Book® Private Party Value and other information, such as year, make, model, mileage and condition.

The final integration to the new window sticker is the voice calling service: using any phone, buyers now have the ability to get the Kelley Blue Book Private Party Value via an automated phone service. A user will call Kelley Blue Book’s toll-free number, and after a short welcome message, they are prompted to input the vehicle-specific LiveValue ID, followed by the # sign. The system then uses an automated voice to read back the most up-to-date Private Party Value and other vehicle information such as year, make, model and condition.

For more information or to access Kelley Blue Book’s Seller’s Toolkit, visit or


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