Video: Catching Up With The Stars Of Ford's Fiesta Movement

July 23, 2010
Screencap from Craig Benzine's video for the Fiesta Movement

Screencap from Craig Benzine's video for the Fiesta Movement

The Fiesta Movement has generated a lot of publicity for Ford's highly anticipated new model, and most of that publicity has been very, very good. Even haters would have to admit that it's been a game-changer on the marketing front and a groundbreaking use of social media.

Chapter two of the Fiesta Movement came to a close earlier this month, and the top team hailed from Houston, Texas. Agents Mark Austin and Amber Roussel were each given new 2011 Ford Fiestas in honor of their win -- though to their credit, they chose to give one of those cars to Noah's Kitchen, a Houston-based charity that provides meals and nutritional education to the less fortunate. That was not only a considerate move on their part, but their alliance with the nonprofit helped broaden their base of supporters, which in turn, helped give them much-needed votes. Not a bad strategy. Here's a quick interview with the winning duo (shot prior to their big win):

Ford has also added a few new clips to the Fiesta's YouTube channel -- clips that are slightly different from the ones done for the two Movements. Some feature agents, others tap YouTube celebrities, and all are a little slicker than the campaign's original videos. Case in point: this well-produced spot in which Craig Benzine (aka WheezyWaiter) pits the Ford Fiesta against the Honda Fit.

Even Fit fans (us included) would have to admit, that's pretty funny.

So far, the Fiesta Movement has been batting near 1000, and it's already spawned a number of imitators -- most recently, Hyundai. We look forward to the campaign's next chapter, as the Fiesta finally appears in the driveways of eager consumers.

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Ford Launches Second Chapter of The Fiesta Project; Eight New Webisodes Hit YouTube for Ford Fiesta's 2011 Social Media Campaign

LOS ANGELES, July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Ford has launched the second chapter of The Fiesta Project, a set of eight nontraditional YouTube videos starring former Fiesta Movement agents and online celebs such as off-beat YouTube star Craig Benzine, known online as WheezyWaiter with over 100,000 subscribers.

Fiesta Is Full of Features. WheezyWaiter is Just Full of It.

Zombie Survival Guide: Starting Your Car

Ford Fiesta YouTube Channel

These new videos, including Craig's 'Fiesta Is Full of Features. WheezyWaiter Is Just Full of It,' follow an impressive first phase of the campaign that launched in May and brought in over 1,000,000 views across YouTube and, and 5,000 online conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The Fiesta Project's success goes beyond the numbers to reveal that the general opinion and consideration of Ford is a positive one in the online space.

"The Fiesta Project webisodes allowed us to use real people to share their experiences with the Fiesta in a very authentic way," said Jonathan Beebe, Ford Digital Communications Manager. "The response to the Fiesta indicates that we're making a real connection between the product features and their real-world lives," Beebe continues.

"We know we have to get creative if we want to reach and engage our target audience online. That's why we're working with online celebs like Craig to help deliver the Fiesta brand message, and that means using laser eyes, auto-tune robots and, of course, clones," said Colin Padden, VP, Digital Account Director at Team Detroit, Ford's advertising agency.

Through the automaker's micro-targeting approach, The Fiesta Project is able to reach niche online communities with a custom message. For example, one of the videos in the series, titled 'Zombie Survival Guide: Starting Your Car,' illustrates the benefits of keyless entry and pushbutton start to a younger audience that may not have experience with such luxury features. One of the targeted placements for the video on a zombie-themed Facebook page with over 13,000 fans generated 42 "likes" and 15 user comments such as "I own a Fiesta... I'll survive!"

"Ads are much more interesting when they speak to specific people and communities," said Josh Warner of Feed Company, the video seeding partner working on The Fiesta Project. "They feel more understood so they're more likely to share and talk about what they've just seen."


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